Monday, July 18, 2005



haay naku..

mondays are always crappy!


and the night before..

is always scary..

just last night..

nagigising ako halos every half an hour.. no kiddin'..and the dreams i have wer all the same.. its was all scary.. and all about DEATH..

cguro dahil to dun sa magkasunod na pinanood ko na suspense thriller film kahapon.. kainis, ung process nung pagtulog ko is..

makakatulog ako.. mananaginip, taz ung panaginip ko pa, papatayin daw ako anytime.. *scary tlga!* tapos magigising ako.. taz makakatulog ulit, mananaginip ulit, matatakot, magigising.. so on and so on.. argh!!

but the dream looks like so real.. the set-up, the place, the bed, even the atmosphere..

para ngang there's really a psycho in our room just waiting for the right time to stab me, pero pag nagigising ako, nagtatago siya..

seriously dudes, that's wat it feels like!

haay, crap all that suspense thriller that i watched!

next time for my movie marathon, its only gonna be romantic movies or romantic comedy, or romanatic drama.. lahat na romantic.. para mapanaginipan ko din eh romantic.. hehehe...


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  1. Heehee. Ako rin gusto ko rin ng mga romantic dreams ;)



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