Saturday, July 16, 2005

If Only..


others say the movie sucks.. d nmn ha!

well, call me corny.. maganda nmn ha!

sorry guys.. i mah fan of romantic movies kasi.. ;)

twas good, naiyak pa nga ako sa huli eh.. :'(

Edrei: "Ur crying?!"

Cathie: "yah, *sobs*."

i cant help it.. hehe..

kaya mas gusto ko manood alone eh, walang istorbo..

not that i don't want ur company Edrei ha! sympre i had fun din nmn lalo na nung nun mo lng nalaman na locket pla si golden elephant mo.. hahaha..

enweiz, it was one great break ive been looking for..

nest movie?! ... hmm lemme see wats showing next...

im plan to watch this sana with..


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