Monday, January 29, 2007


Habang naglalakad ako pauwi,
ang malamig na hangin ang sumasalubong sa bawat hakbang ko..
Habang kasabay ng paglakad ko ang mga magkawahak kamay na mga tao,
tumingin ako sa tabi ko at hinanap ang kamay mo..
na lagi kong hawak..
ang mga braso mo na yumayakap sa akin tuwing nilalamig ako.
Makalipas ang ilang segundo, naisip ko
mag-isa na nga lang pala ako..
.. iniwan mo.


Because of some stupid reason i changed my friendster's email address and now i can't log in ='< so i did the next best thing (or so i thought) i made a new friendster account.. i know, im not actually into the whole friendster thingy since... since i dont know when.. but then, just wanted to stay connected.. to friends ;)

so guys, pls add me up.. cathie.ganda@hotmail.com

What happened?

.. a lot of things actually.. the last post, prior to Going Back was if im not mistaken was way way back.. hehe, gets?

.. anyhoo, God has been gracious and faithful, and good, and merciful, and loving, and caring, and generous, and i could go on and on and still i wouldnt let you guys know exactly what He has done for me and what He is doing with me.. right at this very moment.. right at this very seat.. unless you let Him take hold of you.. unless you let Him take hold of your life..

.. last year, was well, quite a year for me.. learned a lot.. experienced a lot.. missed a lot.. i feel this year will be a challenging one.. i feel that God will reveal something, of which i NOW felt afraid of it..

"Lord, i have no words or feelings right now.. just thoughts.. thoughts about me, thoughts about You. You have been very faithful to me, and i find myself not worthy to receive Your grace.. but still you are gracious.. i could not imagine my life without You, Oh GOD.. here is my heart.. please take it and never let it go..

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Going Back

.. just what does it mean for us to back?

go back to where?..

go back to whom?..

go back when?..

I miss you..

I miss you so much..

I promise, i will never leave you again..


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