Thursday, September 08, 2005

my birthday wishlist

its 3 more days to go.. i thought i'd make a wishlist for my birthday just so, you guys would want to know what i want for my birthday if you're gonna give me presents.. haha (fat chance, yeah i know)

(This is in random order)
  1. my favorite chocolate (inside a big glass jar)
  2. a cd full of songs that has a title of telenovelas and movie titles (e.g. can this be love, ikaw ang lahat sa akin)
  3. a book - "Five people you meet in Heaven" and "Tuesdays with Morrie"
  4. a bag - pink preferably, but white and blue and yellow will do ;)
  5. a blouse - nice white blouse
  6. a hug from everybody i love
  7. a smile from each person that would greet me :)
  8. a rainbow in the sky
  9. a new watch (becoz my old one's broke)
  10. body massage or maski foot spa lang :)
  11. a big bag of potatao chips
  12. a new celfone (Santa this is my request, if you can afford this)
  13. a necklace, dahil i dont have one :D
  14. preppy black stilettos or shoes (pampasok)
  15. nice pics thongs (that's sandals)
  16. a cotton white or pink jacket
  17. pouch bag (kikay kit) for my kikay things
  18. white socks
  19. hankerchief (wala na pala akong panyo eh)
  20. barbie pencilcase (haha, for my pens)
  21. scrunge palda (which everyone has)
  22. different colored spandex (i still dont have lilac, yellow, light blue and light green and cream)
  23. pint of my favorite ice cream (yummy)
  24. a surprise party
  25. and a prayer from all my loved ones :)

*I actually can't think of anything that i want for my birthday, yan eh mga naisip ko lang as of the moment.. yan eh mga hindi gaanong pinagisipan, although some of them are the things that i have been eyeing to buy for the longest possible time :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

5 days to go..

5 days to go, crappy monday na ulit..
5 days to go, closing ng ramp ng SBC..
5 days to go, may endorsement nanaman ang JS Select at CCI..
5 days to go, tapos na ang linggong ito..
5 days to go, special-regular-working day na.. kasi..
5 days to go, birthday ko na..

im turning 16.. haha :)

haay, tumatanda nanaman ede ko, pero itsura ko ganon parin :) mukha parin akong highschool :)

so many praises, so little time to list them all..

il find time.. hopefully within this week..


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