Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nestle Fitness - Day !

This morning I woke up feeling nervous not for Pacquiao but for myself. Haha! This is the first day that I will be challenging myself to be have a fab figure. (gudlak to me!)

This is how it goes:

The 14day meal plan. I will be eating the Nestle Fitness Cereal for 14 days for breakfast and replacing either lunch or dinner meal. "This meal plan is designed to maximize the benefits of NESTLÉ FITNESSE whole grain cereal on your figure. For best results replace breakfast and one main meal for 14 days with a cereal such as NESTLÉ FITNESSE. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable and low-fat carbohydrate-rich foods, and remember to exercise."

Show off after 14 days. I would need your help by voting our team, Vanity Brats, (hindi ako nagpangalan niyan, haha!) to win the Ultimate Wardrobe. So guys, vote now!

Okay, so far so good. I was able to go thru my first day without letting myself die of hunger. Haha! I am not really a cereal person but when I tasted Nestle Fitness cereal, I liked it and decided that I can do this! Haha! Will get ready now for tomorrow.

PS. Congrats Manny. I hope I can say Congrats to myself too after 14days!

Stay tuned!


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