Friday, November 14, 2008

Another TAG

Igitot, dahil tinag mo ako dapat kahit isa dito ibigay mo. Haha!

So i have to list down my Christmas must haves. On my case, my Christmas List
Please take note that the no. of your list will be the no of people you will tag..

Here it is..

If i'll start with the material things, i'll start wishing for Santa to give me a Laptop. I've been dying to get one, for personal use :) (its a need actually not a want )

Long Leather wallet for Ladies, i just couldnt find one that i like..

Nikon D40, for my new project.

All the animals from Madagascar (happy meal ng mcdo) haay, babaw.

Reunion. My favorite. Family Reunion. College Barkada Reunion. Highschool Barkada Reunion. WWAI EB.

and ofcourse, i need some ideas, time and the gifts that i would give this Christmas.

tagging: Yna, Khaye, Jasper, EO, Joriben, Cris


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