Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why worry when you can pray?

Thanks for the reminder Hon!

"You have to let loose on everything, you'll find peace in God"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Hours in my Day

The moment i read the title from the OMFlit Newsletter, i instantly knew this book is for me.

From my blog awhile ago, i did mention the word busy a lot of times. I don't actually know a person that's not busy, almost everybody is. From waking up to preparing for work, to daily rituals, to work, to personal life, to church life, to social life and all kinds of extra curricular activities.. almost everybody has a single thing to do every minute of their lives.

As i read on thru what this book is all about, i learned that i need to be organized not only with my things but also with my life. Being an OC person, i feel betrayed that i am organized with my things and not with my life, haha! A friend once told me that i do not need to learn time management, i need be an expert on activity management, coz its what i need the most. (that was after sharing to her all my burdens, from work, church, ministry, family and personal life) and eversince then i never forgot what she said.

I cant wait to get my hands on this book.

Happy Reading

My new year

Yeay! i finally got to blog. after a looong looong time.. I feel like im just going to start my year.. im going to bore you now with what has been happening with my life right now and awhile back..

Last February Angel and I got back together yes, after a year or more ata of being separated. We are much more happy now than before. WE have settled a lot of things that were a problem before so everything is pretty much ok :)

This March is the anniversary month of our church, Caloocan Bible Church. Its our 50th anniversary the whole month and we are sooo busy with the programs and all. I am incharge of writing an article about Missions from before and up to now... and up to now im not yet done, so please inlcude that in your prayers..

This March also, I started reporting to one of our quezon city ofc, its in Gilmore. And im doing a different work. I am challenged by the work and excited also what will happen with me there for 3mos

I have watched a lot of movies already and havent even made one single review on any of it. not that im too lazy to do it but its just that i am so busy and i really dont have time.. :( Everytime i arrive from work all i wanna do is close my eyes, hug my pillow and drift off to dreamland..

so there..thats my 1st quarter of the year..watch out for the 2nd quarter updates :) haha!

PS: i really plan to blog atleast thrice a wekk, lets see how i will do that

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Once upon a time there were two Angels..They're a very happy couple. They love each other so much.

But there are some things that got in the way and things that they couldn't control.. there was no other choice but to part ways.. that situation alert everybody and the news spread like fire..

But God is good and what He wants to happen, really happen. The two Angels believed that they are really meant for each other and eventhough they are apart they still think of each other and wish each other's safety. God blessed them ONE MORE CHANCE and now they are back in each other's arms again.. still in love and will forever be..

PS: I Love You!


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