Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Lyzette Ilona Agustin!

Today my name is Catherine Jane Ilona Copaway. In honor of the "goddess" Ilona, the upcoming pornstar. Harhar!

Happy Birthday CHET cheters chettie chetiest!

I love you daw sabi ni K_ _ _ (hulaan mo sino)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday blowout

Yes. Hindi pa natatapos ang post ko about my birthday! Haha! Andaming post events :) grabeh! Last Tuesday Night, taya ako sa family dinner. we just settled at Trinoma for it was the nearest haven for all of us since i will be coming from work and so is dad, and the rest of the kids will be coming from school. We argued for about an hour on where we will eat and finally we settled @ Heaven and Eggs :)
Big serving good food :) i specially like their "Dearest Bacon, Love Eggs" its my fave :)
Below are the orders of each, hehe!

we started off by praying (cute nathan)Dad's Order: Grilled Chicken Carribean Salad
Mom, i told you to look at the camera. Haay!
Matt's Order: Dearest Bacon, Love Eggs
Tin's Order: Country Style Fried Chicken Steak
and mine: 3 Sausages and Egg
Big food servings for big-appetite-people like us :) haha!

Monday, September 17, 2007


"i am so not in the mood to work today, i just dont know W.H.Y"

i prefer to browse the net all day, than call and screen applicants..

too bad i will not get paid browsing the net.. (is there such a job)
anyhoo, i was blog hopping and i came across rain's site, then found this beautiful and awesome pictures..

*these pictures were all taken from the 3rd Backdoor Ventures Music and Arts Festival at SM Megamall last August 25. I was suppose to go there, i just forgot why i wasnt able to go.. haha! probably because of the tight schedule *wink*

Rainy Days and Mondays

.. i dont feel so good today.. it started with my migraine early this morning, then with the traffic i encountered going to work, then my tardiness.. i ask myself.. what could get any worse?!

cool. Sige Cathie invite bad vibes.


Bad vibes, shoo shoo shoo.


I had ice cream kaninang lunch.

Then suddenly it left good.

Thank you Lord for this day.

It was not that bad after all :)

PS. Happy Birthday to my Prince Pomfey!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birthday Gift

I actually "planned" to buy this phone, and now i cant believe i actually own it. Thanks to me, haha! The perfect birthday gift. *wink*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Getting older but looking younger

Oh walang kokontra, birthday ko naman eh :)

Yesterday, was one of the most amazing days of the year.. guess who just turned a year older?!

The time i woke up it felt like its just another day, just an ordinary day.. just trying to get by (singing mode).. then as i checked my phone it was flooded by texts messages.. suddenly i remembered, someone called me at 12AM and greeted me.. then it hit me.. Oh yeah, its my birthday! Its my birthday, its my birthday, wer gonna party like its my birthday (singing mode 2)

I prayed then after that i turned to my ringing celphone.. "call" a private no.?

Caller: Hello! Happy Birthday Cathie!!!!!!!!!!!
Cathie: Thank you.. who's..
Caller: Anong oras na ba jan?
Cathie: YIN!!!!!!!!!!

Got a call from bestfriend in Japan :) sosyal :)

Then from then on, wala na akong ginawa kundi tumanggap ng birthday greeting :)

Pagdating ko ng ofc, i found my station with the greeting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHIE! Ü" from you Secret Admirer! Cool, infairness, maganda ang ayos ni Secret Admirer sa station ko :)

I also got a greeting from Dubai, Saipan, Makati, Ortigas, Caloocan.. etc.. hehe!

We had early lunch, mom cooked a very sumptous children's party meal.. spaghetti and chicken and i made the marshmallows and hotdogs on stick :) it was really like a children's party :) except that wala kaming stain ng spag sauce sa damit, haha!

When i got back at my station, there it was.. my Secret Admirer's gift.. a bouquet of fresh flowers :) it was more than what i was expecting :) (oh, im not expecting anything pala, just hoping lang, haha!)

By MOO TIME (that's our merienda time) we ate the cake that was given my my beloved Gels.. it my fave (the fave of the super duper tech callers). Blew the candle then grabbed a slice each :)

The rest of the day only brought smiles.. nothing more, nothing less.. just a blissful day..

Thanks for the wonderful yesterday.


Sino ang hanggang ngayon eh may BAD HANGOVER pa from the SWITCHFOOT concert????



I have no words, to describe what i felt the day i met them, the day i get to shake hands with them, the day i get to talk to them, the day i get to hug them (kiddin' i wish i had).. the day i get to finally meet them face to face.. right on the face.. their beautiful face.. haay (sigh).. even until know.. its still the same feeling of excitement.. very very very BAD HANGOVER... eventhough we wer so exhausted sa lahat ng mga ginawa namen.. selling all those shirts and cd's.. meeting all thos people, even irate moms, running all the possible errands, haha! :D

I cant actually work last Tuesday pagpasok ko.. Tina and i were like "i soo cant work.. i want daydream all day and just stare at all our pics."

Whew! cant get over pa talaga.. Jerome is soo sweet :) and the rest of the guys, so kulet :) waaahh! They're so great! And it really made my night when they sang my fave "Awakening"

'nuff said.. the pictures would tell how much i enjoyed that night :)

Over all rating: 100 thumbs up!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Im getting ready for SWITCHFOOT CONCERT later :) buti nalang pinayagan akong mag half day :) yeay!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Barkadang malapit ng maging isang Dekada

Finally after jurassic years, nagkita kita ulet kaming highschool barkada.. It was such a cherished moment.. no words can describe our wacky and memorable pagkikita.. pictures to cherish..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I hate tight schedule, I hate it when I want to meet someone and I want to meet everybody but I don’t have the time. Grabeh, I have loads of things to do, and I mean loads.. and yet here I am blogging..

I hate tight schedules, gusto niyo paki hati nalang katawan ko – Today’s YM status


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