Saturday, April 16, 2011

Venus Raj's Major Major Straight Hair by Cream Silk

There's a saying that the hair is the richest ornament of women. There are so many things we can do to our hair that would me us look more beautiful than we are now.

 For a public figure like Venus Raj, the life of a beauty queen is not all about beauty. Venus' life right now consist of television appearances, photo shoots and media events here and there, and not to mention possible career opportunities.

The demands of her blossoming career have entailed her to sport various looks to suit her different roles and beauty does pay its price

“Too much styling, using the curling iron, using the flat iron, rebonding really takes a toll on your hair,” says Moussa Abdayem, technique trainer and head stylist of Emphasis salon. 

 “Despite the torture to my hair due to over styling, thanks to Cream Silk vitamin treatment, my hair is recharged. Now, I’m happy that I’m back with my beautiful straight hair.” - Venus

  Shampoo alone is not enough, it cleans the dirt out from your hair and it can also strip off the moisture your hair needs making it rough and tangled. 

Cream Silk brings back the moisture and seals it in for smooth, tangled free hair, that shampoo alone can't give. Venus Raj, shares her reliable beauty regimen  in keeping her stay beautiful, Cream Silk.

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