Saturday, June 25, 2011

Running as a Passion

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I have been running since I was a little kid. My Dad use to take me and my sister along the railway near our home and just let us run in the wide stretch of the place. There are times that we would see who runs the fastest and would end up getting a burger meal at Jollibee :) Ever since then, Running has been my sport. I don't play ball games, I only want to run. When I was in high school, I join the track and field games in our church sports fest and would often get the second place for our church. When I was in college, I joined the track and field team of my course and would compete every year for the sports fest. I run fast that's why I am their sprinter.

Now that I am already working, though I don't have any track and field teams to join, I still continue running. I usually run after work in Ultra, it’s very near my office and I can leave my things aside the oval safely.

I also join fun run, though it’s very early in the morning the fresh air and the sweat you have removed from your body is very refreshing. 

If I were to choose I prefer running in the morning. I feel that burning calories and removing sweat in the morning is a good way of living a healthy lifestyle. It does not only exercise your whole body, it also prepares you for the day ahead. I always feel alive On Running. 

Enough of me, I would like you to meet Pike. She has been my companion ever since I started working and continued running. We bought her on sale in ATC, and she is already 5years old. Just recently, Pike gave up on me. Her sole is already talking to me, asking me to let her rest. So I can’t use her anymore, especially in the upcoming Rexona Run. This is timely though because I heard there’s new running shoe that will arrive in the Philippines soon. 

ON shoes is very proud to come out this year and boast its Cloudtec 3D cushioning system. Watch out for ON shoes that are designed for high-impact runs, long training sessions and endurance runs. You may check out their Facebook Page and Website for more info.
I am already excited to try and fit a US size 7 or either Cloudsurfer and Cloudrunner. This will definitely make me run easier and lighter for my future run, and might encourage me to train for endurance run too :)

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