Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Tale of Madness in "The Roommate" Now Showing

 Columbia Pictures assembles today's hottest young stars Leighton Meester (TV's “Gossip Girl”), Minka Kelly (“500 Days of Summer”) and Cam Gigandet (“Twilight,” upcoming “Priest”) for the gripping suspense-thriller “The Roommate.”

Oscar-nominated director Christian E. Christiansen (“Råzone”) crafts a finely tuned tale of madness and role reversal packed with ingenious twists and heart-stopping surprises as a naïve college freshman (Kelly) begins to suspect that her roommate (Meester) is not what she appears to be.

Star of the phenomenally successful television series “Gossip Girl,” Leighton Meester takes her first lead role in a feature film with Columbia Pictures' new suspense thriller “The Roommate.”  “Leighton was the first person we cast for this movie,” says Christiansen. “And she is a fantastic actress. The role of Rebecca requires an actress who can go from normal to insane in very little time. Leighton did a lot of research for the role, trying to figure out what kind of person this would be.”
 A stunning and talented young actress, Minka Kelly has distinguished herself with powerful performances in the hit NBC series "Friday Night Lights” and the acclaimed comedy “(500) Days of Summer.” Now, Kelly plays Sara, the object of a female roommate’s obsessive love, in Columbia Pictures’ new suspense thriller “The Roommate.”  
“Minka is very sassy, which is a really good quality for Sara to have,” says Meester.. “She is also approachable and very kind—and she’s gorgeous. You can understand why Rebecca loves her.”

Cam Gigandet, already a heartthrob from his role as bad boy vampire James in the blockbuster “Twilight,” now plays against type in the role of a good guy, in Columbia Pictures' new suspense thriller “The Roommate”  where the fragile line between friendship and obsession divides a college dorm room.

“Steven is a little goofy but he’s a good guy,” Christiansen says. “As a counterpoint to Rebecca, he’s a source of normalcy and stability in Sara’s life. Cam brings enormous likability and charm to everything he does, and he has real sex appeal. Seeing him as good guy is an interesting switch.”

Aly Michalka, who recently appeared in “Easy A” opposite Emma Stone and stars in the hit TV series “Hellcats,” now plays Tracy, the high-energy party girl in Columbia Pictures’ new suspense thriller “The Roommate.”

Michalka was attracted to the script’s edgy, dark look at campus life. “It’s a creepy story, without crossing over into the horror genre,” she says. “It’s still in the realm of reality, but it takes you into this world that is uneasy and unsettling from the very start. As Rebecca, Leighton definitely has a crazed look in her eyes. From what I’ve seen, she definitely scares me.”

Now Showing across the Philippines , “The Roommate” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.  

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