Sunday, April 24, 2011

Splashin' Good Time @ Splash Island

The family decided to celebrate summer early. As early as March, we are all set and ready to swim. Dad, who is addicted to group buying website bought Splash Island coupons at Metro Deal.  

We arrived there a bit late (around 11am) and so we had a hard time looking for a Cabana or a hut that we can rent. But after a few stroll around the water park, we finally got one!
It has been ages since I last went to Splash Island and I am so surprised by how it looked like right now. The park somehow changed a lot.

 It's quite a big water adventure park, but good thing they have maps all around the place. If you forget something, they also have a store wherein you can buy shirts, slippers, or even swim wear. Angel, forgot to bring his slippers so we bought him slipper for p220. The pictures below are grabbed from Splash Islands' Website. I was only able to try the Balsa River, Rio Montanosa, Agos Grandes, Twisted Palms and Dos Supremos.

Agos Grandes also known as Wave Pool. Guests of all ages enjoyed bathing in the sun here even without the wave because of their huge inflatables.
Laze around the water as Balsa River takes you on a merry go round the water park.
Afraid to slide alone? Dos Supremos lets you slide with your friend/family member.
Brave the heights and peek thru sliding Magellan's Drop.
Sliding made more fun with this partly covered slides!
Enjoy the thrilling tropical twist through exhilarating back-to-back 360 and 180 degree turns.
Ride with 3 of your family member/ friends and and enjoy the raft ride at Rio Montanosa.

 For the Kids: Water Wahoo and Boon Docks is something that the kids will surely enjoy. Splash Island offers a play pen for kids in and out of water!

 Besides from swimming and sliding all day, Splash Island also offers other physical activities for the families to share and enjoy. Tin, Jan, Matt and Angel tried the wall climbing! Even if you are inside a water park, it feels like you are really on an outdoor adventure.
The smiles of summer!

We had so much fun under the sun! I enjoyed the latest attractions of Splash Island, the cool slides and the very spacious water park.  It’s not too late to enjoy! You can findSplash Island in Facebook for inquiries and details. Thank you dad for the treat! Mwah!


  1. Splash island is still best for summer treats. Love it. Enjoy...

  2. we had a splashin' good time too last april. We got our tickets though thru ebay - Php150 for students, a great affordable treat for my newly graduated siblings. my post at http://thewalkingtripod.blogspot.com/2011/04/splashy-summer-treat.html



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