Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rainy Season blues

I hate and love the rain at the same time. Masarap lang matulog pag umuulan, but then if its time to go home from work, I hate it when it's raining. Last thursday, it was raining when I was on my way home, it was raining to hard kaya ang kalsada ay mejo baha na. It was okay at first coz im weraing shoes and I know hindi mababasa ang paa ko.. After a few meters, I felt something cold underneath my feet... then I felt something wet.. that's the time that I checked my shoes and I found out that my shoes gave up that early :( The sole was cut in two. And so now I'm in search of the perfect pair. I don't know what happened, mom told me that I walk too much and I honestly need a good shoe from a reputable shoe brand. I think I must head to the malls this weekend. Isama ko na din ang paghahanap sa payong. Happie, my orange umbrella, also gave up on me just today :( She's almost 1year. She was a gift from my bestfriend. Haay, so many things so buy.

PS. i wanted to upload the pics of my shoes and Happie but blogger is wonky :(

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