Thursday, June 17, 2010

I lost my friend's iTouch

It happened all so fast, before I left the house it was just another ordinary day for me. Wake up, eat, go to work, work then for home. But after my LRT Ride it all changed.

My friend lend me her iTouch for my BF to update it, and since its 32G there were more songs than in my iPhone, so I opted to use it this morning in going to work. I usually use my mp3 that looks like ipod shuffle pero nagsasawa na ako sa mga songs dun.

It was like a monday morning rush at Monumento station. Three trains passed by before i can ride, I thought "pag hindi pa ako sumakay dito, ma-le late ako" and I dont want that to happen. So I worked my way up the train door and after a few bumps, left and right, i was inside the train.. with music still in my ears. I used the iTouch before i boarded the train. After i was able to have a pwesto inside the train, I felt that napigtas yung headset sa iTouch and so nung kukunin ko na yung iTouch sa bag, i was surprised na wala yung iTouch. Then it hit me, $#3t! It's not there! The scene then became fuzzy, then after a minute all the people around me are looking at me, i suddenly created a commotion.

People around me started telling me similar stories that happened to them and to some. Then after R. Papa, somebody went down. Then the people all agreed that it was HER, the person that went down. “Ang hirap hirap nga sumakay sa Monumento eh, tapos sa R. Papa ka lang pala baba.” That’s what they said. The girl infront of me told us that it was the same woman who was about to get her iTouch also before. Lagi daw niya nakakasabay sa LRT yun. Before the woman went down, she even looked at the girl infront of me. But sympre the girl in front of me didn’t tell us that coz ayaw naman daw niya mag judge. And I have to agree with her, we don’t even have proof.

There goes, my friend’s iTouch.

Moral Lesson: I shouldn’t have used it in the first place. If I hadn’t used it, this wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t have lost my friend’s iTouch.

This is a first time for me, and I’d have to say it really happened all so fast. :-(


  1. Ouch :( Alam na ni friend? What did she say? Grabe naman si ate iTouch talaga yung target :(

  2. alam na ng friend mo? agree with sai, malamang magaling talga mangharbat ng kahit anong gadgets yun.. minsan tlga kahit *feeling mo nasa safest place ka na.. at the end of the day you'll realize, BS, ndi parin pala. ingat sa susunod. :)

  3. I think kung kilala na talaga ung girl na un as what the other passenger told you as "manunungkit" ng hindi kanya, dapat i-set-up un para mahuli Ü

    Take lots of care moving forward...

  4. waaaah! naku nakakainis naman! next time ingat na lang talaga :( don't worry iikot din ang karma!



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