Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Makati Squatter!


Oh Crap! Robinson's Equitable Tower is on fire and yet i worked my way to get into office early this day.. only to find out that the bldg is on fire.. i was wondering.. why isnt anyone texting me if it is on the news??? dont my parents care? dont my TL's and Collegues care?? dont _ _ re _ care? then it hit me.. hey, d ko pa pla chnecheck phone ko! hehe.. well, there are few text but it didnt come from you! yes, from you! of all people.. katext pa kita ng umaga after your shift telling you to take care in going home!!!! d ka manlang nagreply and sabihin sana na hey.. nasusnog ofc, wag ka ang pumasok!! well, sometimes it pays to watch and listen to the news early morning! good thng im ok! now wer here in Makati, and wer so squatter! ARGH! CRAP! AMF!


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