Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Makati Catastrophe! ARGH(4x)!


This has been the famous YM status ko for the day! and everyone is squealing about what is the makati catastrophe is all about, coz they haven't heard anything from the news yet! well, its simply not about Makati.. its simply about me and my collegue Tracy!

This is our first day to report in Makati, as an employee and not as an OJT or an applicant of what sort.. we tried to dressed the Makati way and we tried to be A Makati Girl, so we may not look stupid enough walking sa Ayala Ave.

But then, its not only the Baudelaires who experience A series of Unfortunate Events.. Unfortunately, we had our own Series of Unfortunate Events.

First stop was in the MRT! all the people riding the MRT could have experience the same, being squished and squashed to death by some smelly, stinky people, who don't even care if their stepping on someone else's foot and dragging someone else's bag! ARGH! I'm not supposed to ride the train but then the circumstances let me... i was being squashed by five men at the front of the door ng train and they all make ipit my bag, it was like.. my bag is inside the train and im outside.. but im still holding it! ARGH! so, what happened next was natulak na ko papasok! CRAP!

Samantala, sa loob na sobrang sikip (magtatagalog na ko, kasi pra ma express ko inis ko!).. may isang babae na nakakainis at nakakairita! nsa likod ko siya.. feeling niya siguro wer so close! nakapatong ang baba niya sa balikat ko! OH MY! tlga!

After wards SOBRANG HIRAP SUMAKAY SA BUENDIA papuntang AYALA!!! nagtaxi na kmi, para lng hinde ma-late! At pagbaba ng Ayala.. eto na.. nahulog ang istep-in ko sa may gutter sa gilid sa isang some kinda muddle na in other words parang kanal!!!! ARGH!!

So pagdating nmn sa OFC! ARGH PRIN! halos buong araw ay pimulikat ang paa ko sa lamig at sa taas ng heels ko!


i was thinking... God, why do i have to experience this?

i was just asking.. still thanks dahil hindi ako naipit sa mismong pinto ng train, thanks dahil at least may nasakyan kming taxi, thanks dahil hindi ako nadulas sa basa kong istep-in at hindi naumpog ulo ko, thanks dahil may remedyo sa pulikat at hindi tuluyang pumutok ugat ko sa paa.. at thanks dahil YOU help me get through this day.. :) but its stil ARGH!


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