Friday, August 15, 2014

STEVEN SEAGAL Back in Action in “ A GOOD MAN”

Known worldwide for his adept skills in fighting under cool demeanor, Steven Segal, whose action blockbuster movies such as “Above The Law” and “Under Siege” solidified his status as action icon is back in the upcoming movie “A Good Man.”

                Steven Seagal plays Alexander Coates in “A Good Man,” a special forces operator who becomes haunted by his past when a little girl dies in his arms on a mission in Dagestan. Looking for redemption, Alexander goes off grid.

Two years later (somewhere in Eastern Europe) Alexander meets Sasha Ivanov working as an enforcer for a Russian mobster named Vladimir – forced to pay off a debt from his father and passed down to his family. When low level gangsters start turning up dead and money begins to disappear, Sasha suspects that he is being set up to take the fall. And when his sisters Mya and Lena are kidnapped by Vladimir, Sasha turns to  the only man who can help – Alexander Coates. 

 Sasha and Alexander take on Vladimir’s men as well as the mysterious Mr. Chen to rescue Sasha’s sisters. Alexander is fighting to do what is right while Sasha is fighting for the most important thing in his life – his family. Action and mayhem ensue as the body count rises with Alexander returning to what he does
best – killing in the name of what’s right.

                “A Good Man” opens August 20 in cinemas nationwide from Crystalsky Multimedia.

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