Friday, August 09, 2013

KakaoTalk is now in the Philippines!

KakaoTalk, Korea's no. 1 social mobile social app and with 100 million users worldwide, is now in the Philippines!

Free chat, text messaging and calls have been the hit lately and with a lot of social app available for millions of users, people are on the verge of choosing the app that's fun, fresh and fit for them.

This social app is free of charge and is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada and even PC. It is very convenient in sending messages, pictures, video, URLs, contact details and even schedule. It also supports video calls and group calls with as much as 5 participants.

Get to know KakaoTalk with these cool features:

o Group chat and multimedia sharing: Users can create group chat rooms with an unlimited number of friends in KakaoTalk. KakaoTalk supports sharing of text, photos, videos, voice notes, contact information and schedules.

o Free 1:1 and group voice call: KakaoTalk offers both 1:1 and group voice calls with as many as five speakers. Features including Talking Tom and Talking Ben voice filters add fun and excitement to voice chat. KakaoTalk is also the worlds’ first to provide free group calls in HD quality.

o Animated/sound/still emoticons and themes: KakaoTalk is the first mobile instant messaging service to offer animated emoticons and stickers, which users can include in their chat bubbles. KakaoTalk offers tens of thousands of different emoticons, including localized digital content in Japan and Indonesia.

o Security: Kakao securely encrypts all messages to ensure user privacy and all messages are deleted from the servers after a minimal length of time.

I particulary like the PLUS FRIENDS feature - it is design to allow users to select and receive content related to their favorite brands, companies and stars. Connect with KakaoTalk's ambassadors like K-Pop star Big Bang and Pop Star Princess, Sarah Geronimo.

Know more about KakaoTalk by following their official media accounts:
o        Facebook : www.facebook.com/kakaotalkph
o        Twitter : www.twitter.com/kakaotalkph

o        YouTube : www.youtube.com/kakaotalkph

Add me up on KakaoTalk - Cathietotzkie

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