Thursday, August 09, 2012

7,107 Reasons to Celebrate with San Miguel Beer!

Philippines boasts a lot treasures hidden within it’s core. Being a tourist destination and having one of the 7 wonders of the world, this tropical paradise welcomes its tourist with relaxing treats, exciting escapades and amazing adventures. The Philippines offers a wonderful array of fascinating destinations in it’s 7,107 beautiful islands. That’s a whole lot of adventures right, and what better way to join festivities and adventures alike than having the country’s favourite San Miguel Beer as your travel companion.

San Miguel Beer has been the country’s favourite beer for as long as I can remember, even before I was born, it is already SAN MIGUEL BEER. The bloggers united in a festive event which San Miguel prepared. We were asked to dress in the most unique and colourful festive attire we could think of, sadly I wasn’t able to prepare for this.

SMB Executives

Ms. Debbie welcoming the bloggers
That night, San Miguel Beer launched the http://smb7107celebrations.com.ph/ website
San Miguel Beer wanted the Filipinos to enjoy 7107 reasons to celebrate with the http://smb7107celebrations.com.ph/.

SMB 7107 Celebrations allows you to explore a variety of awesome places and fun filled activities and arrange them into one incredible itinerary.

Here’s how: Before anything else, REGISTER. Once you are done, you can enjoy the website at the fullest.

What can I see in the website? (you can click on the sections and you will be redirected to the site)

Events – this section will allow you to know more about the history and origin of various festivities and take part in colourful and zealous merrymaking. You can easily find the festivties and happenings you’ve been meaning to attend via the page’s search feature.

Things to do – this section provides you with insightful articles on arts & culture, recreation, shopping, outdoor activities and what SMB calls aquativities!

Beer Locator – probably would be one of the most visited tab in the website. As simply as it is this would tell you and your senses where you could find your favourite San Miguel Beer are available and find establishments that offer a wide variety of delectable cuisines to satisfy your divers taste.

Promos – this section shows a page list of ongoing promotions and the best deals from different outlets carrying SMB products.

Features – this section tackles just about anything related to travel and beer. You can easily comment on and share the articles found on this page.

Itinerary Planner – this is one of my favourite, with so much to do and so much to see this section will help you put them all together and create your own itinerary. No need to ask your friends or look for your next adventure online, this will help you customize and create your own! That’s a lot of fun, right?

Indeed, there are 7,107 reasons to celebrate in this country, even more with San Miguel Beer! Check their Facebook Page and find out more!

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