Monday, January 16, 2012

WALANG HANGGAN premieres January 16 on ABS CBN Primetime

The highly anticipated Primetime Bida series “Walang Hanggan” have premiered today, January 16, 2012. The drama series showcased a powerhouse cast composed of two queens of Philippine cinema namely Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa, the “eternal love team” of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta and the first onscreen team up of Julia Montes (also known as Clara) and Coco Martin.

The powerhouse cast of Walang Hanggan features the undying love of three generations which would start with the love triangle of the Virginia (Roces), Margaret (Gamboa) and John (Eddie Gutierrez), will continue with the ill fated lovers Marco (Gomez) and Emily (Zulueta) and lastly with the young sweethearts Daniel (Martin) and Katerina (Montes), also inspired by the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. 

  This is the first time that Susan Roces, Helen Gamboa and Eddie Gutierrez will team up in a prime time series. Both Susan and Helen is excited for this teleserye drama and is looking forward to how the audience will like the new drama series. Susan Roces plays the generous and self sacrificing older sister to Helen Gamboa who is the exact opposite. Eddie Gutierrez is the secretly in love bestfriend to Susan Roces but would marry Helen Gamboa instead.

  Dawn and Richard will rekindle their love onscreen as Marco Montenegro, the confident and assertive only son of Joseph and Margaret Montenegro who fell in love with Emily Cardenas, the kind and light hearted daughter of a worker in the Hacienda. After a long time, Dawn and Richard revived their love team onscreen. According to Dawn, it was indeed hard to turn down the role because of how great the story is. 

Coco Martin and Julia Montes will start a new love team in Walang Hanggan. This is the first time that Coco will be doing a “full love story” and he is more than excited about this challenge considering he is working with the best actors and actress in the series. Julia is excited as well and shares that she is blessed to work with high calibre actors as early as sixteen years old.

 Completing the powerhouse cast are well regarded actors Rita Avila, Melissa Ricks, Joem Bascon, and Paulo Avelino; with the special participation of Eddie Gutierrez and Joel Torre. The series is ofcourse directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Trina Dayrit.

Walang Hanggan, ABS-CBN’s biggest teleserye offering this 2012 starts January 16.

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