Sunday, August 21, 2011

MY BINONDO GIRL on Primetime starting August 22!

Kim Chui is back on primetime television starting August 22, 2011 Monday in the newest drama-comdey series “My Binondo Girl.”

I had the chance to watch the Celebrity Press Screening of the pilot week episodes of My Binondo Girl in SM The Block. The movie house is full of Kim Chui Fans plus the whole production, cast and crew, and press people. I personally enjoy watching primetime teleserye and I’m proud kapamilya. I enjoyed watching the first first episodes of My Binondo Girl, which will air tomorrow, August 22, 2011 after 100 days to Heaven. The first week episodes are very important as you will know why and how Kim is a girl and boy at the same time. I can’t tell you more or else I might spill some great parts. 

My Binondo Girl is the newest drama-comedy series which stars Kim Chui as Jade, a girl who, despite growing up with a loving mother and a loving grandmother, still yearns for the love and approval of her Chinese father. She is determined and will stop at nothing to win her father’s heart, even if it means changing her identity as Jade to pretend to be a man under the guise of “Yuan.”

Journey in Binondo and get to know the following characters:

Kim Chui “Jade/Yuan” – the girl who changed her identity from Jade to Yuan (his dead brother) to win her father’s heart.
Ai Ai Delas Alas “ Zheny” – Jade’s mother
Gina Pareno “Aling Amor” – Jade’s grandmother
Richard Yap “Chen Sy” – Jade’s Chinese father
Cherry Pie Picache “ Jean Sy” – Zheny’s bestfriend since hs/college, not Chen Sy’s wife
Ricardo Cepeda “Edison Wu” – Chen and Jean’s business partners
Glydel Mercado “Ningning Wu” – Edison’s wife and Jean’s friend
Xian Lim “Andy Wu” – first son of Edison, Yuan’s rival in managing ChenJean
Matteo Gudecelli “Trevor Wu” – second son of Edison, always being compared to his brother Andy
Laureen Sy “Amethyst Sy” – Daughter of Jean Sy
Jolo Revilla “Onyx” – Jade’s childhood friend and best friend

Under the direction of Malou Sevilla, “My Binondo Girl” is primetime’s newest drama-comedy series that will surely make you laugh and cry at the same time and will witness a different Kim Chui, airing this August 22, 2011 on ABS-CBN primetime.  

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