Friday, May 20, 2011

Globe Paperless Billing

I have recently joined the GO GREEN advocacy of Globe Telecom. Instead of receiving my printed Globe bill and piling it up after, I have chosen to enroll in Globe Paperless Billing. This will lessen the printing of my Globe postpaid bill and at the same time help lessen printing of papers. I can check my bill anytime and anywhere, I don’t need to look up to my pile of printed Globe bill at home. 

It’s very easy, just follow these simple steps :)

Step 1:  Register your Globe mobile number and e-mail address at www.globe.com.ph
Step 2:  Choose “I WANT to view my bill” and click on “my Globe Bill” icon
Step 3:  Click on “Go to myBill”
Step 4:  Enroll your Globe account*

You will see something like this. Once you encoded you account no, you will be asked to enter a verification code that will be sent to your mobile no. If you enroll successfully, then you will be able to view your enrolled account already (you may enroll up to 40 accounts, if you maintain as such) :) You just need to have an adobe acrobat reader if you want to download the file.

Experience a hassle free viewing of your globe bill whenever and wherever you need it!

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