Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Movie Posters

The movie industry has been there for quite some time now. One of the busiest industry in our world today. Movies are being shown almost every week, almost everywhere in the world. People look forward to watching movies almost every week, with their family or even friends.  This is something that people anticipate for, as part of their leisure.

Movies have been fervently advertised in so many ways. Movie advertisers take advantage of the new technology to advertise their movies. They produce not one, not two but even three teaser trailer for their movie. They make the audience more eager to watch and anticipate the movie. Besides from the online presence of the movie, they also need external advertisements of course for the other crowd. The most excellent example then of external marketing of the movie would be the movie poster itself. 

The movie poster easily catches the eye of the audience. It is always shown outside the cinemas and it serves as information already of the movie. The poster printing comes in different styles and its usually the most effective way to catch and audience eye. I always enjoy checking the movie poster in my favorite cinema to know the now showing movies and even the upcoming movies. I enjoy movie posters that feature the actors of the movie and even the setting of the movie. I even know a friend who collects movie poster as a hobby. I just don’t know how he gets one. I remember seeing one shop that sells movie posters, and I know you can even order it online. So from being the most important external advert into becoming a collection, movie posters serve a very important role in promoting a movie.

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