Saturday, March 19, 2011

Phil Dogtag for Angel

It was Angel's gift request for our 2nd Anniversary that I give him a dogtag. I have been looking for a store that makes personalize dogtags and I have seen a few but I don't like the product itself. Finally Angel showed me where I would buy my gift for him.

The Dogtag is a set already of two stainless steel plate with silencers, Angel's set is worth p500. But I was able to save 10% since I bought the Dogtag in their new shop in ETON Cyberpod Corinthian last March 5, 2011 during their soft opening. I was surprised that it took just minutes in making Angel's dogtag. On top of the fast service, I got a discount! Awesome!

Their new shop is located in ETON Cyberpod Corinthian, very accessible. It's the new building in from of Robinsons Galleria. Phil Dogtags shop is located in building one. Sir Mike was very accomodating, he even remembered me despite of his numerous customer (probably because I was so kulit sa text, haha) The dogtag business started as a hobby and eventually grew into business. Though there are many stores that also makes dogtags, Phil Dogtags makes unique dogtags compared to others.

For one, Phil Dogtags not only uses the current military issued stainless steel plates but also novelty and hard to find tags such as tactical black, pure copper, cartridge brass and WW2/Vietnam vintage tags. Furthermore, they also stamp (not engrave) the personalized text in both embossed (raised letters) and debossed (sunk letters) formats using original US Army dogtag machines.

There are a lot of colorful dogtags and silencers to choose from, a very perfect gifts also. The price is right too! Very affordable. The mode of payment is hassle free, you can pay in person and also deposit in the bank. Know more about Phil Dogtags thru their FB page.

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