Sunday, January 16, 2011

Of Bridesmaid and Wedding Gown

After church Mom and I went to Divisoria to look for my gown. I am going to be a bridesmaid this sunday for my cousin's wedding and we have to provide our own gown, we just have to follow the theme. Mom and I went on from one store to another to check if there any Choco Brown gown that would fit me. It was near closing time and some stores where already close, so there was limited places to visit. Mom and I finally gave up on the ready made gown, because it was either too small or none at all because they say Choco Brown is not "mabenta". We finally came to the last store and mom instantly like a blue gown and asked Ate if there's another color. Unfortunately, there is none so we ended up ordering a gown, good thing i have a picture of the gown that i tried a few days ago at Landmark, too bad it costs 5k so i opted to look for alternatives. And so i tried the blue gown and it fits, mom and I agreed to order a gown with the design i have in the picture. While fitting:

Mom: Dati gown pang debut lang sinusukat mo, ngayon bridesmaid gown na.. bukas makalawa wedding gown na yan.

Me: Owver mom.

* and it got me into thinking, how many more bridesmaid gowns, before the wedding gown?

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