Monday, November 01, 2010

NUVALI Evoliving

Nuvali Evoliving inspires an Eco friendly and sustainable community living in our modern time. 

This is not my first time to visit Nuvali, whenever we eat at Paseo De Sta. Rosa we head straight to Nuvali to feed some fishes. Last October, bloggers were invited to tour around Nuvali and discover more than the fishes that is waiting to be fed.

The First Stop. Bird Sanctuary. Communing with nature is one of Nuvali's offering to its community. We visited the Gazeebo, this is were we can Bird Watch and learn more about the birds withing the area.

The Second Stop. Avida Settings. This is just one of the residentials projects that Nuvali has in store for those who wants to settle in an Eco friendly neighborhood. Together with Avida, Abrio, Montecito, Santierra, Treveia and Venare are the upcoming residential projects.

The Third Stop. We toured around the the exhibit of Evoliving Center, Nuvali's iconic structure of sustainable building concept and design. The Evoliving Center features an interactive display that highlights the importance of a green and sustainable lifestyle.

After the tour around Nuvali, we were ferried to Solenad via a boat ride through Nuvali's multifunctional 4-hectare lake teeming with koi fishes. The bloggers enjoyed the feeding the Koi fishes that's literally pounding on each other just so they will get food. 

The tour around Nuvali is not complete ofcourse without having a meal to end the event. We were divided into 5 groups to try and check out five of the best restaurants in Nuvali. Our group was in Kanin Get It (check out my foodblog for food review).  The people from Kanin Club and Cafe Breton is also the same people behind Kanin Get it. 

It was just a half day tour but feels like it's a whole day event already. Communing with nature and enjoying it's abundance is really a great thing to do in Nuvali.

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