Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The inefficiency of LRT

Before, when you you're in a hurry to go a certain place, you take the train. It's the fastest transportation there is a few years back. Its much faster than jeep, cab or bus and it will cost you much less too.

But now, I honestly don't think it is. I have been an MRT-LRT user for almost 12 years now, since I started college, LRT was my only mode of transportation from house to school and vice versa. Rush hour back then was not like the "rush hour" today.

Today, if you will ride the LRT during rush hours you will have to wait for a maximum of 15mins before you can ride a train, actually, before you will be pushed your way into the train. In every 3 trains that will pass your station, only 1 train will open for ride. You will have to wait at the platform again, if you weren't lucky enough "na matulak papasok ng train", together with sweaty *and sometimes smelly* people who, like you, got out of the house very fresh and with make up, but ended up being harrassed in riding the LRT in going to work. Now, the moment you made it inside the LRT, if you're not lucky to catch a seat, you will literally rub elbows and faces with the same sweaty *and sometimes smelly* people who waited with you at the platform. You will also meet one of my pet peeve, the girl whose hair is good for a shampoo commercial, but did not take the time to dry her hair before going out of her house, thus, you'd end up annoyed that her wet hair and wet back is occasionally rubbing your back as well. Haay, the joy of taking the train nowadays.

Honestly, I think LRT SHOULD do something about this. There are about 4 million people riding LRT every freaking day, I wonder if they know this. People ride the train because if fast, affordable and very efficient. Now, I can only say it's affordable. I should wait til it would increase it's prices. Everyday, during rush hours you would really see that they just let the people come in and I don't think they manage the influx of people everyday. This shouldn't be the scenario of efficient train transportation. I just have to let this all out. I was really pissed off at LRT today, well not just today actually.


  1. i agree with you, Ate Cath. And also, sme passengers are VERY, VERY RUDE. Uggh.

  2. I can't even imagine that the ladies are now more violent than men.



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