Sunday, October 31, 2010


On the heels of a little white lie about losing her virginity, clean-cut high schooler Olive finds that her new-found bad-girl rap has an upside: she is finally getting noticed. Olive decides to exploit her "easy" reputation and use the school rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. But life starts to spin hilariously out of control, in Columbia Pictures' teen comedy “Easy A.”  

The film stars Emma Stone (recently cast as Gwen Stacy in the “Spider-Man” 2012 reboot) as Olive, Penn Badgley (TV’s “Gossip Girl”), Amanda Bynes (“What a Girl Wants”), Cam Gigandet (“Twilight”) and Aly Michalka (TV’s “Hellcats”). 

Its' easy to love Emma Stone, with her striking beauty and sincere talent, she is claiming her role as one of Hollywood's most sought out actresses. She has just been cast as Gwen Stacy in the “Spider-Man” reboot in 2012. And now, she’s starring in one of the year’s smartest and coolest teen comedies – Columbia Pictures’ “Easy A.” 
He starred as a villainous vampire in Catherine Hardwick's hugely successful “Twilight.”  Now, Cam Gigandet plays a Bible-quoting student who may have dark secret, in Columbia Pictures' new teen comedy “Easy A.” For Gigandet, the role of Micah was a far cry from his portrayal of the vampire who hunts humans for sport in  “Twilight.”
Best known for his role of Dan Humphrey in the hit series “Gossip Girl,” Penn Badgley was more than happy to take on a new character challenge with his role in Columbia Pictures' new, edgy comedy, “Easy A.”   Playing the part of ‘Woodchuck Todd’ was so tempting, he arranged to fly between the west and east coasts of America to accommodate the shooting schedules for both the film and his series.

The world of “Easy A” first arose out of a concept screenwriter Bert Royal had to fuse a timeless work of literature with a contemporary milieu. Royal chose Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” -- about the public ordeal a 17th century Boston woman named Hester Prynne goes through over an act of adultery -- as the classic source. “The major theme of the piece, is about puritanical values versus being yourself.", quotes the writer. 
Opening across the Philippines on Nov. 10, “Easy A” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.  Visit http://www.columbiapictures.com.ph for trailers, exclusive content and free downloads.  Like them at www.Facebook.com/ColumbiaPicturesPH and join their fan contests. 

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