Monday, August 23, 2010

Venus Raj's MAJOR MAJOR answer

I believe almost half the world stopped awhile ago with whatever they are doing to watch the coronation of Miss Universe 2010 live Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Every segment of the show left the people breathless, from the sexy and stunning ramp in their bikinis, to their dazzling evening gowns. The announcement of the top 15, to the top 10 and even to the top 5 really had the crown wild.

What seems to be the major chatter about this pageant is Venus Raj’s answer to the question thrown to her.

Question: What is one mistake in your life and how were you able to make it right?

Venus’ answer: Thank you very much sir for that wonderful question. Good evening Las Vegas! In my 22 years of existence, I don’t think I have a major major problem done in my life. I’m very confident in the love my family has given me. And I’m so happy to be here!!! Thank you, thank you so much!

A lot of people are close to condemning Venus because of her answer. I felt that her supporters where disappointed too with what she answered. No one’s to blame really, if you were in her shoes that exact moment, wouldn’t you answer the same? Maybe she really can’t think of a Major mistake in her life and she has really positive surroundings when she grew up. Or maybe she’s just really nervous and wasn’t really able to think her answer over before she ended her spiel. Good or bad, I still salute and am still proud of Venus, after 11 years Philippines was again able to make it not only to the top 15, then top 10 but even to the top 5! I think she really stood tall and proud when she was parading in her swimsuit, and evening gown. For awhile, the Philippines forgot and were silent about the tragedy on the hostage drama held last night, because of the Miss Universe 2010.

To all the candidates congratulations! The experience of a Miss Universe finalist is already a winning experience. To those who made it to top 15 and top 10, Congratulations! And to the top 5 of Miss Universe 2010:

4th Runner up: Venus Raj, Philippines
3rd Runner up: Anna Poslavskaya, Ukraine
2nd Runner up: Jesena Campbell, Australia
1st Runner up: Yendi Phillips, Jamaica

And the Miss Universe 2010 – Jimena Navarette, Mexico!

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  1. major major win or loss? :)

    I made a blog especially dedicated for this major major momentous event.




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