Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beware of SALISI GANG. Muntik na akong maging biktima.

I know this may sound old school but until now still on they are still on the lose! Just this morning, I was suppose to be a victim of these ruthless people. I rode my usual jeepney ride (from Sangandaan to MCU) not knowing that something is going na to happen. I waited for a jeep na may mga nakasakay na, coz if walang laman yung jeep, that means na mag aantay pa siya and matagal pa yun. Pagkasakay ko ng jeep there were i think 5 people already, 3 ladies and 2 men. Then after a couple of minutes, may sumakay na lalaki sa sumiksik sa left side ko, i was annoyed because ang luwag luwag ng jeep eh sisiksik siya sa tabi ko. Then may sumakay pang  2 guys, that sat in front of me. I throw them nasty look because i feel they are manyak on how they look at me, (mejo plunging kasi blouse ko) then may sumakay ulit na 1 guy.. na gustong sumiksik ulit sa left side ko, pero i pointed out sa other side ng jeep so umupo siya sa harap ko.. by that time i was already irritated because of the 2 manyak men infront of me, then the last guy na nagsusumiksik.. then all of a sudden i felt something odd about the situation, that's when i looked at the guy beside me (left side) he has his right hand, under his big backpack and nilalaslasan na niya ang isa niyang katabi which is a girl, but he girl is unaware because she is distracted by the guy in front of her. The moment i saw that, the guy na sumiksik sa akin called out my attention (naka headset kasi ako) and gestured like he's asking for the time, and then i looked to my right side and the same scenario is happening nilalaslasan din yung katabi kong girl. When i figured out what was happening, i immediately got out of the jeep. Though you think im strong, and alert, deep inside nanginginig na tuhod ko :( and im super scared than you could ever imagine.

After a few minutes, sumakay na ako ng new jeep. Hindi pa gaanong nakakalayo ang sinasayan ko ng huminto ang jeep and nagsakay ng pasahero.. and to  my surprise it was the two guys infront of me kanina sa unang jeep na sinakyan ko. They were surprised when they saw me pag akyat nila and they decided not to ride the jeep. I felt more scared when i saw their faces again. I asked the girl near the unahan ng jeep why they didn't ride the jeep. She told us, that the guy muttered something which made them decide not to ride the jeep. And i told the pasaheros what happened on the first jeep. The guy beside me commented, "Ah kaya pala sabi nung mama, "andito nanaman."" I was positive about the two men from the start. Thank God at hindi ako nahold up or nanakawan or nasaktan. It was truly God's protection that we are safe every day and every night.

I would like to share some tips, that i hope would be useful to avoid instances like these.

1. Always be alert. Keep a watchful eye always on public places so you are aware of what's going on around you and you can react immediately.

2. Don't use cellphones, mp3, iTouch and other expensive gadgets on public. Seeing you with those items would only make you a target, whether it be inside or outside the jeep. Avoid AT ALL TIMES, bring those items on public. Tip: Always ready na your money whenever commuting, so you can avoid, digging your wallet outside your bag in public.

3. Don't be a superman. Though i am aware of what's happening, i didn't make a commotion to stop what was happening, instead i hurriedly got out of the jeep. If you can still avoid the situation then go for it. Don't go busting what the holdapers are doing coz they might end up doing worst.

4. Pray before leaving the house. This is the most important tip that i can share with you. I can really testify that it is really by God's protection that we are all safe.


  1. Glad you are safe.. My gosh, kaloka nga!

  2. Yah always be alert and praning inside a jeep. Ako ganun. lagi kong yakap bag ko. Ilang beses na rin akong nadukutan kasi. Tanga ko naman kung makakaulit pa sila. Ingat sa susunod.

  3. Haay talaga. Alam ko nagkalat pa ang ibang modus operandi, but this one classic!

  4. OMG. Buti walang nangyaring masama. Back in 2006, I was a a holdup victim. Ayun, the guy got my whole bag. Pero sobrang traumatized ako because the guy pointed a knife in front of my face.

    Be safe always. :D

  5. Nakaka trauma nga ang mga ganitong sitwasyon. Let's all be safe!

  6. have you encounter the ketchup gang? no? be afraid :)

  7. @minor: what's the ketchup gang? i think i heard it na.. not familiar lang how they "operate"..

  8. thanks for sharing!

    everyone needs to be reminded that things like this really DO happen and they should know how to act.

    this reminds me of the reason why i chose an iPod Touch over an iPhone.. (aside from the price of course lol)

    there will always be instances when you'll need to use your phone in public and that's when having a non-flashy looking cellphone comes in handy ;)

  9. Oh noes! Glad you're alright. Just yesterday I was pointing out to a friend when I saw a guy walking by Metrowalk with headphones on that it's dangerous because it hampers your alertness especially towards hold-uppers or snatchers.

  10. The same scenario happened so many times na when I was still working in Pque. The Sucat Pque straight has a lot of ruthless people, yung iba kilala ko na :(

    Good thing nothing bad happened to you Cath.

  11. That happened to me too. I was aware na sila yung laglag barya gang I was watching their every move because they were sitting right in front of me, yun pala ako ang ninanakawan ng katabi ko. They took the money and left my wallet. Nalaman ko na lang ng bumaba sila nakita ko wallet ko sa tabi ko.

  12. awts, good your safe. pahatid sa boyfie para safe. :)



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