Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sykes HR, best team ever!

We celebrated our HR Team Building at MMLDC together with Legacy ICT HR team. It was the first team building with the two teams together. We were not able to push thru with our team building last year because the date that was set for out EK team building was the day Ondoy was made known.

The day started with breakfast at the Areva Pavillion, then derecho sa Orientation headed by Bea and JV. It didn't turn out to be a simple day for us. It was an action packed day for someone who is just sitting all day face to face with a computer or a pile of papers and is cuddled by the air-conditioned office. Haha!

The games were cool! Some were easy and fun, and others were just hard to strategize.

Soar and Dive - There will be a puzzle to be complated, 6 members will get 1pc when they go up the tower and will dive in the zip line to meet the other members of the team.
Goal: must complete the puzzle with the shortest time.
Game Level: EASY.

Group Picture - Team members will have 3 poses to reflect the theme FUN... US ONE, and will choose one best picture to represent the team.
Game Level: not that EASY

Though it All - 9 team members will go thru only one hole in the web the shortest possible time. Game Level: EASY
Puzzle Crawlers - 3 members will find the puzzle pieces hidden in the sand, 3 members will transport the puzzle piece to the 3 members who will form and finish the puzzle.
Game Level: HARD (no one finished the game)

Walk The Talk - 6 members will walk blindfolded inside the swamped mazed guided by the leader.
Game Level: EASY

The last game was FLIP SIDE, 10 members will be stepping on a carpet and slowly they will have to flip the other side of the carpet while they are on it.
Game Level: HARD!

Processing: The games were EASY, Medium and HARD! But we were all able to make it, enjoyed playing it and had FUN! All the teams enjoyed the game because they had fun while playing it and the there was no diversion even though it was the first time for some to meet. They listened to each other and cooperated with one another. At the end of the day, it was really FUN... US ONE!

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