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How does IMAX work?

How it works
IMAX’s digital theatre system uses a comprehensive suite of proprietary IMAX technologies, that, when integrated together, creates an experience that consistently puts the audience IN the movie.

These technologies include:

IMAX Image Enhancer
IMAX’s proprietary image enhancer brightens the on-screen image, and, through the use of a camera that provides real-time, on-screen feedback, it makes automated adjustments to ensure maximum image fidelity is maintained 100% of the time.

Customized Theatre Geometry
IMAX’s customized theatre geometry maximizes your field of view, putting you IN the movie – and is a key reason why IMAX® 3D is the most immersive cinematic 3D ever created.

IMAX Audio System
IMAX’s powerful audio system delivers laser-aligned digital sound.
IMAX’s Proportional Point Source loudspeaker technology enables listeners to pinpoint the specific location of a sound – with five discrete audio channels. (conventional 5.1 disperses sound through many speakers making it nearly impossible to locate the origin of the sound)
Each IMAX theatre is acoustically treated to present accurate and realistic sound images with the largest dynamic range. This enables the sound to be crisp enough to hear a pin drop and precise enough to know exactly where it dropped.
Each film’s soundtrack is specially mastered for IMAX’s unique sound system.

IMAX Screen
IMAX’s proprietary high-gain screen results in exceptionally bright images and unparalleled 3D
The IMAX screen is slightly curved and sits closer to the audience.
Dual Digital Projectors
IMAX’s revolutionary digital projection technology is “projector agnostic,” meaning that it can utilize commercially available digital technology that best meets IMAX requirements – the projectors are merely a vehicle for IMAX’s proprietary image enhancer, which turbo charges the basic functionality of the light engine.
One of the key benefits of being projector agnostic is that IMAX can adapt and even improve as suppliers develop new technologies.
The current system uses two 2k Christie projectors and has a 1.9:1 aspect ratio – in keeping with the best-tested chip sets – and we continue to work with dual 4k projectors.
All film content that is played through IMAX’s digital projection system is digitally re-mastered with IMAX DMR technology.
IMAX DMR employs a suite of proprietary image enhancement tools that optimize each image for IMAX presentation. Some of the techniques used to enhance the digital image include sharpening, color correction, contrast and digital artifact removal.

more of IMAX...

We believe that IMAX Digital is the world’s most advanced digital theatre system and is superior to all conventional digital systems, just as IMAX’s film-based system is superior to conventional film-based systems.

*Digital IMAX 3D is brighter than conventional single projection digital 3D

*Twice as many addressable pixels (compared to other DLP Cinema-based systems), which dramatically sharpens images.

*IMAX’s proprietary image enhancer increases brightness, contrast and image fidelity. As the images originate in the form of data, it is essential that they are re-produced into vivid on-screen images that meet IMAX’s high standards.
More than double the amount of light for 3D when compared to other 3D systems
~Up to double the amount of light for 2D presentations (22ftL) when compared to other systems
~IMAX maintains constant brightness through the entire life of the lamp

*The image enhancer uses more than 1 teraflop of graphics processing power, equivalent to more than 100 desktop computers. No other digital projection system in the world employs this much processing power.

*IMAX’s image enhancer is designed to be upgraded as new technologies evolve.

*The proprietary dual projection system projects left- and right-eye images simultaneously – conventional single projector systems alternate between eyes, causing depth distortion during fast-moving scenes.

*We extend the bandwidth (data flow) up to 60% to further reduce compression-related visual flaws.

*IMAX’s powerful audio system delivers laser-aligned digital sound – conventional theatres use standard non-discrete 5.1 surround. IMAX’s system features five “discrete” channels and sub loudspeaker technology. Discrete sound technology enables sounds to be accurately placed in specific areas of the theatre to create a more realistic and immersive environment.

*IMAX’s DSP-based audio enhancer will perform customized calibrations for every show starting next year.

*IMAX’s customized theatre geometry maximizes your field of view.

For inquiries and ticket reservations, please call 929- 5452 or 924-4274. For inquiries and screening schedule, log on to www.smcinema.com or you can email us at imaxnorthedsa@smsupermalls.com.

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