Wednesday, July 20, 2005

smile for the day :)


woke up feeling a little nauseated (if ever there is such a term), its a little early to be up, but i had to.. im going to work early.. or should i say, im going to leave the house early because im going to have a lunch date :)

Cathie: ma, can i borrow your perfume? dinala ni tinay pabango ko nnmn eh! mausok at mabaho magcommute eh..

MOM: ang aga mo nmn ata ngyn, anong oras ba pasok mo?

Cathie: 11am-8pm ang shift ko.. 11am ang pasok ko..

MOM: o, alas nuebe plang ha, bat ang aga mo?

Cathie: may lunch date ako :) balik ko nlng later pabango mo.. :) bye..

true enough, mausok at mabaho ang pagpasok ko sa opis..

im gonna meet my acquaintance at 10am, supposedly sa Gale, pero we met nlng sa baba ng ofc at sabay nlng kmi pumunta sa Gale.. we search for a chinese resto bcoz dats wer i like to eat.. we end up sa Ah Sin (im not sure if the sfelling is ryt!) forgetting that Mr. Choi is there nga pla! :( anyhoo, masarap din nmn sa Ah Sin! :)

after we had our lunch i invited him sa ofc, he has his ID nmn, manong guard wudnt know that he is from Alabang.. hehe.. we talked and he experience my job for awhile.. the conversation beside the ofc window went on.. "we talked like we already have known each other for a long time" .. but like all other talks, this has to end, after the hard pour, he left for a gimik with his college buddies.. :(

after awhile i rcv a txt msg.. wrong grammar - i thought.. hehe.. he corrected it nmn and now i know the txt.. :)

the rest of the day went on as usual, some pissing applicants, late endorsements, etc..
the rest of the day went on as usual, but with a smile.. :)


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