Wednesday, June 15, 2005

..Soul Music..


Soul Music is a term adopted to describe African-American popular music in the US as it evolved from the 50s to the 60s to the 70s. It was heavily influenced by gospel music and is known for its intimacy, passion, intensity, rhytmic sounds, and spiritual roots. In short, it is the expression of the soul.

Soul Music for a follower of Jesus is the journey of out soul into that beautiful place of sincer expressions of worship to the Lord. What are some characteristics of our soul music?

Soul Music is Intimate. David starts his soulful song with "Praise the Lord" (Psalm 103:1). This phrase is an expression of the intimate relationship between David and Yahweh, the covenant-keeping God of Israel. Soul Music is an intimate expression of love and gratitude to a God who loved us first.

Soul Music is Intense. David's soulful ballad to the Lord is expressed with every part of his life. He is saying that soul music is the intense expression of praise to the Lord that involves the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual - every ounce of personal vitality.

Soul Music is Intentional. Soul music finds its power and passion in intentionally remembering God's blessings. When David thought about his blessings, he could not restrain his soul from singing and giving praise to God.

Soul Music starts from the inside and works outward. If you want your soul to experience the journey of intimate and intentional worship, spend time getting close to God. Remember how gracious, merciful and loving God is, and offer up a sacrifice of praise from deep within you.

*PSALM 103:1-5*

Devotion for the day, from OUR DAILY JOURNEY. Ü


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