Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Working GurL


The next day after our graduation i was immediately offered a job, a part time job.. not that bad though, that was because i prayed "God, please help me find the job you wanted for me."

Not only did He help me find it, He gave it to me.

God alone helps.

So, i work as a part timer in the company that i once took my OJT. I enjoyed working there but then i kept wondering what will be my permanent job.

After a week God opened a door of opportunity, there will be a position that will be open for hiring, my office mates strongly recommended me for for the position.. so, they scheduled me for an interview, which will be just for the formality's sake.

I'm pretty sure il get the position na, i'm still waiting nlng for there feedback or reply.

That afternoon after i was interviewed, i check my mail and found the job my heart desire's. The first time i saw the job description, i really got excited and really wanted to give this a shot.

I send my resume and luckily i was one of the lucky few who are scheduled for an exam. the following day, i took the exam, followed by a short interview and got HIRED!

I was more than happy to know that i passed the exam and interview and that i am hired as a Marketing Coordinator.

They asked me if i can start the following day but i told them i can't. So, i told them i can start monday pa. Its ok with them nmn.

The next day, i told my officemates that i will be resigning as a part time and that i will be withdrawing my application as an ETC Administrator (the fuultime work i applied for).

They won't allow me, i mean they are of course discouraging me, becoz they want me nga.. and they gave me time to think about this kasi, dito sobrang stable nko.

I confided this matter to my parents and friends kasi i was really torn between something i like and something i need... parang ganun..

Mataas kasi ang makukuha ko dito sa current employer ko compare to the other employer na papasukan ko.. sobrang mas madaming pros dito sa current...

So, i asked God.. "God, what do i do? what will i choose?" I prayed that God will direct me to what or where He wants me to go.

Wala pa nong sagot si God kaya i choose the small one.

But then God really puts you where He wants you to be..

He answered.

and now.. i am an ETC Administrator.

Fulltime. Permanent. Stable.

I figured this is where God wants me to be.. kaya He devised a way para dito ako mapunta maski nakapasa na ako dun sa isa na maliit na company..

Right now, friend ko na ung hi-nire nila na MArketing Coordinator... i refered her..

Every now and then i ask her, ano na mga gingagawa mo? just so i would now.. ano kaya ung mga dapat na ako ang gagawa..

Sbi nga ni Jazper "sure you want sa Events ka, and maybe God does want you sa Events cguro lng.. not now!"

Sana nga JAzper.


kahapon ung start date ko, at ngayon ang second day ko..

ok naman. d mahirap. d madali. madali matutunan.

Sundin ko na lng si Lord, dito muna ko..


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