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Main Poster of Warner's "The Judge" Revealed

Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures have revealed last August 28, 2014 the main poster art of “The Judge,” starring Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall and Vera Farmiga.

Directed by David Dobkin (“Wedding Crashers”), “The Judge” stars Downey as big city lawyer Hank Palmer, who returns to his childhood home where his estranged father, the town’s judge (Duvall), is suspected of murder. He sets out to discover the truth and along the way reconnects with the family he walked away from years before.
Starring alongside Downey, Duvall and Farmiga are Vincent D’Onofrio, Jeremy Strong, Dax Shephard, and Oscar® winner Billy Bob Thornton. The film also stars Oscar® winner Melissa Leo, Leighton Meester, Ken Howard, Emma Tremblay, Balthazar Getty, David Krumholtz, Sarah Lancaster, Grace Zabriskie and Denis O’Hare.

Opening across the Philippines on Oct. 22, 2014, “The Judge” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Korean Teen Actor KI HONG LEE Stars as Elite Runner in "THE MAZE RUNNER"

Korean actor Ki Hong Lee has obviously set a firm pace to stardom starring opposite Dylan O'Brien in the upcoming book adaptation of "The Maze Runner."  By the looks of it, the recently concluded Greenies Screening in the Phils. had the girls giggling after the movie, charmed by his notable presence and performance in the movie.

                Thomas (O'Brien) wakes up in a lift, moving slowly upward. As the box grinds to a halt and the doors open, he finds himself among a colony of boys who welcome him to the Glade – a large open expanse surrounded by enormous concrete walls. Thomas’ mind is blank. He has no knowledge of where he is, doesn’t know where he came from, and he can’t remember his parents, his past, or even his own name.
                 Thomas and his fellow “Gladers” don’t know how or why they got to the Glade.  Thomas learns that each resident of the Glade has a role to play, from gardening to construction to being one of the elite runners who map the walls of the Maze that keep them captive and change configurations every night. Maze Runners race the clock to cover as much ground as possible before the end of the day when theMaze locks down and the deadly biomechanical Grievers roam the corridors of the concrete structure.

                The elite among the Gladers are called Runners, whose athleticism propels them through the Maze each day, which helps them compile a map of the foreboding structure and, maybe, figure out a way to escape.  Their captain is Minho, played by Ki Hong Lee.  The young actor grew to understand his position of leadership among the Gladers in a very individual way.  “I looked at the Marines and the Army and, and I consider Minho like a general of the Gladers,” Lee explains, “It’s his job to rally the troops.”


In the vein of high-adrenaline action-packed films such as "Narc," "Catch .44" and "Frozen Ground," prolific producer Randall Emmett pits Jason Patric againts Bruce Willis in  the upcoming movie "The Prince."

                “Bruce really fell for the material, as well as Jason, and then John (Cusack) came on board and I felt that actors of this caliber would bring something really special to the characters and to the story of a man having to face his old demons when his daughter disappears in the same crime universe that he used to live in.” says Emmett.

                Jason Patric stars as Paul Brennan, a widowed family man who goes to New Orleans to track down his missing daughter. The truth of her disappearance is hard for him to take and forces him to confront his own criminal past.  Living under the radar for 20 years, Paul operates as a mechanic whose daughter, Beth (Gia Mantegna), attends college all the way across the country.  But when he soon learns that Beth's tuition has not been paid, he flies immediately to Lousiana to check on her despite his worst fears.  As Paul finds her way to Beth, he found her best friend Angela (Jessica Lowndes) and takes her where she's last seen Beth.

                Unknown to Paul, tracking down Beth means going through the path where he will eventually catch up with his past once again.  As they go through and past bullets looking for Beth, Paul finally comes face to face with an old enemy, Omar (Willis) - the city's most powerful man whose family he mistakenly killed 20 years back. It is then revealed that Paul is a former mob enforcer two decades ago.  “I play a single father who all of a sudden finds out that his daughter has disappeared, and in searching for her discovers she has a secret life,” explains Patric. “As the story unfolds, you find out Paul also had a secret life. I think we all have our pasts, parts of ourselves that we hide, for our betterment we believe. With every character I always find those parts of myself that I understand or that I have lived. In this case there is a darkness that this man has buried because he wants to have something better.”
                "Paul is the ultimate father, a tough guy but also a teddy bear deep down inside," explains Gia Mantegna who plays Beth, Paul's wayward daughter who runs with the wrong crowd when she leaves home for college. "Beth is the driving force for Paul’s return to New Orleans where he is forced back to his old territory and faces his enemies."

                "The Prince is an incredible action thriller, but at the same time there is a heart in there," concludes director Brian Miller. "There is the revenge that Omar has been seeking over the last twenty years and has built up through to the big finale at the end. And there's the very realistic father daughter relationship that I think people are going to relate to. Like a lot of people, Paul and his daughter had a very disconnected relationship. When he goes on this journey, it brings them closer together. It’s also a wakeup for all the characters who go through their own personal arcs. When people walk away at the end of this movie they are going to be blown away."

                "The Prince" opens in theaters nationwide on September 10 from Axinite Digicinema.

Fifth "Mission: Impossible" Film Starts Production

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions announced last August 25, 2014 that principal photography has commenced on the fifth installment in the blockbuster “Mission: Impossible” franchise. The new film will shoot in Vienna, Morocco and London.

Christopher McQuarrie will direct from a screenplay by Drew Pearce and Christopher McQuarrie and Will Staples. The film is produced by Tom Cruise through Tom Cruise Productions and J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk through Bad Robot. Skydance Productions’ David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger will serve as executive producers.

The film stars Tom Cruise reprising the iconic role of Ethan Hunt, who was first introduced to moviegoers in 1996. Returning to the franchise will be Simon Pegg as Benji, Jeremy Renner as Brandt and Ving Rhames as Luther. Joining the cast will be Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson.

The 4th installment in the globally successful franchise, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” earned nearly $700 million worldwide and became Cruise’s highest grossing film to date in his storied career.

The “Mission: Impossible” franchise has earned more than $2 billion at the box office, making it one of the most successful franchises in movie history.

The fifth "Mission: Impossible" film will be distributed in the Philippines by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

Winter's Fight Is Not Yet Over in “DOLPHIN TALE 2”

Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment’s “Dolphin Tale 2” continues the story of the brave dolphin Winter, whose miraculous rescue and rehabilitation—thanks to the invention of a groundbreaking prosthetic tail—made her a symbol of perseverance to people around the world and inspired the 2011 family hit movie “Dolphin Tale.”

The film reunites the entire main cast, including Harry Connick, Jr., Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble, Kris Kristofferson, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Austin Stowell, Austin Highsmith and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. The remarkable dolphin Winter returns as herself, joined by a new dolphin named Hope. Charles Martin Smith, who directed “Dolphin Tale,” wrote and directed the sequel.

Odds Stacked Against You? Call “THE EQUALIZER”

From Antoine Fuqua, director of “Training Day” and “Olympus Has Fallen” comes Columbia Pictures' new action thriller “The Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington.

In the film, Washington plays McCall, a man who believes he has put his mysterious past behind him to lead a quiet life in peace. But when McCall meets Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young girl under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters, he can’t stand idly by – he has to help her. Armed with hidden skills that allow him to serve vengeance against anyone who would brutalize the helpless, McCall comes out of his self-imposed retirement and finds his desire for justice reawakened. If someone has a problem, if the odds are stacked against them, if they have nowhere else to turn, McCall will help. He is The Equalizer.

Based on the television series created by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim, “The Equalizer” also stars Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz, David Harbour, with Bill Pullman and Melissa Leo. Film is written by Richard Wenk.

For director Antoine Fuqua – who re-teams with Denzel Washington after directing the actor to his Oscar®-winning performance in “Training Day” – McCall shares some of the archetypical heroic traits that have been passed down. “I saw this movie as a throwback, like the westerns that Sergio Leone made,” he explains. “There’s an antihero, in a struggle, reluctant and ashamed to pick up his gun... but when he gets a chance to help other people, he does. He uses his skills for that.”

The film takes its title from the 1980s television series and shares its central premise – a man, highly trained, who can “equalize” the odds when they are stacked against the helpless. Though the filmmakers took only the premise and title from the original show, Blumenthal says that the premise is one that has only become more relevant. “The word ‘equalizer’ is a very strong, powerful word,” he notes. “A lot of people believe that there’s a lot of imbalance in the world, so the idea of creating a balance – equalizing something – is very meaningful. If anything, I think that title means more now, in 2014, than it did in the 1980s. People can get behind this kind of hero: a man who does heroic acts for the people who need them the most.”

In seeking out a director, Washington was excited to be re-teaming with Fuqua. After their experience together on “Training Day,” Fuqua says, it was clear that “The Equalizer” lent itself to a good match of actor and director. “Part of what I discovered in `Training Day' is that I can read something on the page that sounds like an action piece, and I know that Denzel will see the acting in that – he can take an action beat and create great drama, as if it’s a dialogue scene,” says Fuqua. “He’s unpredictable, in the best way possible – he’s in his world, and you’re a fly on the wall, to capture it, if you can be smart enough to know when to continue in the scene.”

Similarly, Washington felt great confidence in his director. “He’s very talented,” says the actor. “We sent him the material and he responded – we sat down and he had tons of ideas – and it was a done deal.” Later, on set, that confidence paid off. “Antoine had the vision for the film – he was doing close work with specialized cameras, all of that stuff. But I never worried about any of that. The camera is Antoine’s area of expertise – I don’t have to worry about that. I just worry about the acting,” he smiles.

“We had a rhythm and an understanding,” concludes Fuqua. “There were times when we didn’t need to talk; we both knew where each other was going.”

Opening across the Philippines on October 01, 2014, “The Equalizer” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Warner Bros. Pictures has assembled an impressive roster of stars for “Jungle Book: Origins,” its new big-screen, 3D adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic The Jungle Book, marking the feature film directorial debut of Andy Serkis.
The action adventure, which will blend motion capture and live action, will be released worldwide beginning October 21, 2016. The announcement was made last August 21, 2014 by Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, and Sue Kroll, President, Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures.

The actors performing the roles of the story’s central animal characters are: Benedict Cumberbatch (“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”) as the fearsome tiger, Shere Khan; Oscar winner Cate Blanchett (“Blue Jasmine”) as the sinister snake, Kaa; Oscar winner Christian Bale (“The Fighter,” the “Dark Knight” Trilogy) as the cunning panther, Bagheera; Andy Serkis (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”) as the wise bear, Baloo; Peter Mullan (“Hercules”) as the leader of the wolf pack, Akela; Tom Hollander as the scavenging hyena, Tabaqui; Naomie Harris (“Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”) as Nisha, the female wolf, who adopts the baby Mowgli as one of her cubs; Eddie Marsan (“Ray Donovan”) as Nisha’s mate, Vihaan; and Jack Reynor (“Transformers: Age of Extinction”) as Mowgli’s Brother Wolf. On the human side, young actor Rohan Chand (“The Hundred-Foot Journey,” “Bad Words”) will play the boy raised by wolves, Mowgli.
The film is being produced by Steve Kloves, who wrote seven of the blockbuster “Harry Potter” films. Jonathan Cavendish (“Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” performance capture producer “Godzilla”) is also serving as a producer. The screenplay is by Kloves’ daughter, Callie Kloves, based on the stories by Kipling.

The story follows the upbringing of the human child Mowgli, raised by a wolf pack in the jungles of India. As he learns the often harsh rules of the jungle, under the tutelage of a bear named Baloo and a panther named Bagheera, Mowgli becomes accepted by the animals of the jungle as one of their own. All but one: the fearsome tiger Shere Khan. But there may be greater dangers lurking in the jungle, as Mowgli comes face to face with his human origins.


Currently in cinemas, “A Good Man” is an exciting Steven Seagal show of non-stop, heart-racing action. A Good Man follows Alexander (Steven Seagal) a retired Special Forces agent torn by a tragic past, as he tries to live a low-key life out of trouble. But trouble will find him when his neighbors Lena (Iulia Verdes) and Mya (Sofia Nicolaescu) are kidnapped and held  ransom by Strip club owner Li Wei (Elias Ferkin) who works for the mysterious Mr. Chen until their brother Saha (Victor Webster) pays it off. Alexander and Sasha will embark on a mission to free their friends and bring down Mr. Chen’s (Tzi Ma) crooked empire. 

Tzi Ma said, “The most interesting thing in the movie is the content in the story of the balance between good and evil, and how  those forces often times come together. It is something hard to depict, and this movie shows it throughout, surprisingly so.” 

“A Good Man” is from Crystalsky Multimedia and is now showing in the following cinemas:  SM North Edsa,  SM Fairview, SM Marikina, SM Megamall, SM Manila, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, SM Iloilo, Festival Mall Alabang, Gateway Cineplex, Cinerama Recto, Fishermall, Remar-Cubao, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Metro-East, Ever Commonwealth, Promenade Greenhills, Sta. Lucia East, Gaisano-Iligan, Gaisano-Butuan, Gaisano Cagayan De Oro, Brickstone Tuguegarao, KCC Cinema Gensan and KCC Cinema Marbel.

" A Good Man" is from Crystalsky Multimedia (opened August 20 in cinemas).  Check out the film’s trailer here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv9zdO76mKs. 

Evil Doll “ANNABELLE” Conjures Main Trailer

She terrified you in “The Conjuring,” but this is where it all began for Annabelle. New Line Cinema has just unveiled the main trailer of its upcoming supernatural thriller “Annabelle” which may be viewed here.

Capable of unspeakable evil, the actual Annabelle doll exists locked up in an occult museum in Connecticut—visited only by a priest who blesses her twice a month.

In the film, John Form has found the perfect gift for his expectant wife, Mia—a beautiful, rare vintage doll in a pure white wedding dress. But Mia’s delight with Annabelle doesn’t last long.

On one horrific night, their home is invaded by members of a satanic cult, who violently attack the couple. Spilled blood and terror are not all they leave behind. The cultists have conjured an entity so malevolent that nothing they did will compare to the sinister conduit to the damned that is now...Annabelle.

Annabelle Wallis (“X-Men: First Class”) and Ward Horton (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) star as the Forms. Oscar nominee Alfre Woodard (“12 Years a Slave”) stars as Evelyn, a neighbor who owns a bookstore and is familiar with the occult. Rounding out the cast are Kerry O’Malley (TV’s “Those Who Kill”) and Brian Howe (“Devil’s Knot”) as neighbors Sharon and Pete Higgins; Tony Amendola (TV’s “Once Upon A Time”) as Father Perez; and Eric Ladin (TV’s “Boardwalk Empire,”) as Detective Clarkin.

“Annabelle” reunites the filmmakers behind 2013’s hugely successful supernatural thriller “The Conjuring.” James Wan, director of the global hit, is producing “Annabelle” with Peter Safran. John R. Leonetti, who served as cinematographer on “The Conjuring,” is directing.

Gary Dauberman wrote the script. Richard Brener, Walter Hamada, Dave Neustadter and Hans Ritter are the executive producers. Also joining Leonetti behind the scenes are director of photography James Kniest, production designer Bob Ziembicki, editor Tom Elkins, and costume designer Janet Ingram. Joseph Bishara composed the score.

Opening across the Philippines on October 08, 2014, “Annabelle” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company.

“A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST” Exclusive at Ayala Malls Cinemas Soon

Universal Pictures' new comedy “A Million Ways to Die in the West” starring Ted McFarlane, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson and Neil Patrick Harris will be shown exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas nationwide starting September 10, 2014.

Seth McFarlane (“Ted,” TV's “Family Guy”) once again stretches the boundaries of comedy and propriety as writer, producer, director of and actor in “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” He tells the tale and plays the lead in the story of Albert Stark, a soft man in hard times who is trying to figure out how to escape this godforsaken frontier that seems to be trying to kill him—and everyone else in it—at every turn. A sheep farmer whose fickle girlfriend, Louise (Amanda Seyfried), leaves him when he backs out of a gunfight, Albert feels like a chump.

Monday, August 25, 2014

“RUROUNI KENSHIN: KYOTO INFERNO” Grosses P42.61-M in 5 Days, Opens at No.1!

Legendary samurai Kenshin Himura returned to a fiery, red-hot welcome as Warner Bros.' sword-fight epic “Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno” topped the Philippine box-office with an infernal P42.6-million in five days (Aug 20-24). This was announced today by Francis Soliven, General Manager of Warner Bros. (F.E.), Inc. which locally distributed the film.

“Kyoto Inferno's” smash opening figure has already surpassed the entire lifetime gross of the first “Rurouni Kenshin” which earned P40.4-M in its overall run 2012. The record for All-Time Biggest Opening Weekend for a Japanese film was also captured by “Kyoto Inferno” from its predecessor.

“This is a phenomenal bow for `Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno,' one that surely exceeded even our aggressive estimates,” says Soliven. “We'd like to thank the loyal fans of the franchise for their unwavering support and offer our congratulations to director Keishi Otomo and the cast led by Takeru Satoh, Emi Takei and Munetaka Aoki. The aforementioned talents graciously helped promote the film when they visited here for the Asian Premiere three weeks ago. We have no doubt that their visit enabled us to launch the film in the best way possible.”

Sunday, August 24, 2014


This is the Era Of White.


***** THE LOST CONTINENT *******

Let us all unite in WHITE for one magical dance event!

Featuring international DJs:


With BigFish resident DJs:


For early VIP tables call 8088080 / 09178847333


Stage 1: Php30,000.00
Stage 2: Php25,000.00
Stage 3 & 4: Php20,000.00

All VIP tables come with 1 Premium bottle of Absolut vodka, 10 SML beer + a mixer.

VIP tickets: Php3500.00 comes with 2 drinks

Cocktail tables: Php7,000.00 good for 5 pax, comes with 20 SML beer

Pre-selling tickets: Php700.00
Door charge: Php1200.00

For VIP table / ticket reservations, call 09178847333 / 8088080.

Work Hard Party Harder!


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