Monday, September 20, 2010

Taiwan Film Festival @ Shangrila Plaza

Take a trip to Taiwan and learn more about their culture and their country. Shangrila Plaza presents the first ever Taiwan Film Festival, which will run from September 23-28 at Shang Cineplex Cinema 4.

Also made possible by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines, the Taiwan Film Fest features an impressive line-up of some of today’s must-watch Taiwanese films, such as Cape No. 7 (2008). The biggest box office hit in Mandarin Chinese history, it is a moving love story that touches on Taiwan’s history and way of life through the story of young man Aga, who leaves for Taipei to follow his singing dream. Together with other musicians, he becomes part of a band that eventually becomes an incredible musical sensation.

Chocolate Rap (2006) centers on the tough world of break dancing through the eyes of dancer Choco, who singlehandedly outdoes 6 b-boys and is taken under the wing of renowned manager Pachinko. Under his guidance, Choco steadily climbs the ladder to dance success—until a car accident changes his life for good. He then proceeds to teach young dancer King Kong and in the process regains his confidence—but eventually finds himself having to face his young protégé in the biggest battle of his life.

Three young men called Behong, Jeddah and Qingkuang (dubbed “The Three Musketeers” for their lifelong friendship) take the spotlight in Fishing Luck (2005). One summer day, their lives are changed by the arrival of a woman named Zing—bursting through the tranquility that had so peacefully once ruled their lives.

Basketball takes center stage in Kung Fu Dunk (2008), a film that follows the story of youngster Shi-Jie—who possesses impressive skills both in kung fu and basketball. Persuaded by a con man (who happens to be his uncle) to play ball in university to locate his family, Shi-Jie goes on a journey that will change his life forever—which can mean either finding his loved ones, or forever becoming a pawn of his uncles money-making schemes.

Orzboyz! (2008) chronicles the story of two young pranksters (aptly nicknamed “Liar No. 1” and “Liar No. 2”) who plan the trick of their lives—head to the mysterious water park and go through a portal that will take them to the fairytale world of OZ. However, things change when this childhood pact is threatened by a betrayal.

A triangular friendship in the beautiful island of Kinmen is the focus of the film Our Island Our Dreams (2009). The youthful bond tying Xing Jun, A Jin and A Wu together changes when soldier Han Wei arrives from Taiwan and develops an attraction for Xing Jun.

Finally, Yang Yang (2009) follows the journey of Eurasian Yang-Yang, who has always longed for a family (never having seen her birth father, who is French) and appears to have gotten her wish with her mother’s remarriage. However, her new family proves to be disappointing, and she once again goes on a quest to find genuine intimacy. After an unexpected betrayal, she runs away from home and becomes an actress. Despite all this, she remains to face the struggles brought upon by her former heartbreaks.

Tickets will be released 1hr before the start of the film, this is on a first come first served basis and 1 ticket per person only.

For inquiries, contact 633-7851 loc.113 or log on to www.shangrila-plaza.com.

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