Sunday, September 19, 2010

May Day Eve


May Day Eve is  play adaptation of Nick Joaquin's short story that was published last 1947. The play 
tells a story of a family where love and bitterness is passed on by Agueda and Badoy's encounter one May eve in front of the mirror. There they saw their future spouses in the form of a witch and a devil by means of a ritual; their hearts were eaten and their blood, drank. They fell in love but their love never met. That is the curse they brought to the generations after them: to fall in love yet live in bitterness. 

Actors. The actors are composed of students and alumni of UA&P. The actors performed their roles very well. Considering that this is a 1947 story, the actors very well portrayed the nature of the characters. I specially like Anastacia (the gypsy). Her role, though short, gave an important punch on the weaved story. I like the character's diction when they deliver their lines.

Setting. The stage setting is Arena, or The Theatre in Round, wherein the stage is right in the middle and the people watching is all around outside the arena. Love the low lights in every scene and the music is very appropriate in every feelings of the characters. I just noticed, some characters have not really modulated their voice. There were some dialogues that seemed like a murmur. Since the stage is Arena, the whole theatre is open, hence the volume of the voice of the characters should be well modulated and clear. 

Direction. The play was very well directed, from the set, to the actors, to the music and over all it was clear and you can relate to the play. I like that it was an elegy in eight dialogues. You must not be late in order to really understand the play (im telling this because i was late) so you wouldn't ask questions to your seatmate, haha. 

The play was produced by ViARE,  student theatre organization of the University of Asia & Pacific. May Day Eve will be shown at Telengtan Hall, 5th floor Apec Communication Building, University of Asia and the Pacific, Pearl Drive Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Catch the play on Sept. 27, 28, 29. Oct 2, 4, 5, 6 (matinee and gala). Tickets at 250p.For inquiries, please call Luis at (63 922) 929-3939 or email: rb.pilar@gmail.com.

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