Sunday, May 06, 2007


As for what I did the last few months, here they are.

March 15-20

I went to Singapore with my CGmates and few good people from church. It was quite an extraordinary and exciting experience since this is my first time out of the country and im not even with my family. I enjoyed it, so much. I wish I can go back. I kinda loved Singapore, the moment I saw it.

March 24

Whole day Jobfair @ Gateway Mall. Met a new friend his name is Ralph. Harmless and funny creature, I mean guy (Ahihi) Then I went @ Monte’s place, we call it Montelandia. The house or should I say the mansion is so enormous, that I really looks like those big houses on telenovelas. We had dinner because its Edel’s and Monte’s goodbye party. They are leaving Convergys.

March 25

Brianna’s Birthday Bash She just turned a year older. She celebrated her birthday @ Nestle’s Creamery. Cool Place. Won a lot of kiddie games (yes, I joined) Nathan had a blast. Earlier this Sunday, finally saw Josh. Its CBC 48th Anniversary. Praise God for 48 years of God’s faithfulness.

March 27

A note on my planner says “im so missing you..”

March 28

Bij and I visited the funeral service of Ate Rhiz’s dad. It was such a i-don’t-know-how-to-call-it experience. It was happy and at the same time sad. At the funeral, while the fanily and friends were saying something about Pastor Bob (Ate Rhiz’s dad) I was actually thinking of my funeral. Who would attend? Who would cry? Among my friends, who would cry the most? What will be the music? I have asked myself all the absurd questions that runs my mind. Just plain curious. Met Jasper. My Chef Friend.

March 29

Its Chinky’s birthday!!! We had ice cream, balloons, party poppers, party hats, candies, games, spaghetti, chicken and lots of smiles. I was kidding, That was what we hope we had. She’s my college buddy, we were like Meredith and Cristina (if only we were doctors) I miss her. I'm seeing her soon.

March 30

Philippine Blog Awards. I went there with Fer upon Jomar’s invitation to be part of his staff or committee. Had a great time. Met a lot of great people. Learned a lot of great things. Such a great experience. I will never forget this.

April 1

April fool’s day. Nothing much happened.

April 9-13

DVBS. One long week of teaching, meeting with kids, talking and playing with them. One of the things I love. Teaching little kids. Only few of my friends know that I love teaching. Its one of my stress buster. Talking to little kids, especially toddlers (I really thank God for Nathan) I taught grades 3-4 with trixie, Ptr. Eric, Ate Wheng and Iggy. I had to change my shift from 9-6 to 12-9 just for this event. I had the evening schedule for two weeks. It was kind of hard and tiring but at the end of the day, everytime I think of the kids that I talked with earlier in the day, the stress, the tireness (if there is such a word) are all worth it.

April 13

Attended my first HR Team Meeting @ Sykes. It was great J We had the Jss up that buko contest, which we didn’t win any place. But its ok, atleast we know that everyonr thinks our buko is the best.

April 14

How can I forget?! Today is Saturday. I woke up ate around 5am and went jogging with Ralph. Probably my earliest date ever. I had my haircut with Arjay and prep up for Ate Joanne’s wedding. The wedding was so beautiful. I love weddings. I love happy endings. Though I know that happy endings doesn’t end at weddings or they live happily ever after. Because sometimes it just, “once upon a time.” Anyhoo, going back sa wedding. Ate Joanne is one cousin sa father’s side. Last year it was Ate Gelen who was married and I was one of the secondary sponsors, now its Tinay’s time. Little did I know that, the reception, the one im always waiting for, is waiting for me too. Being a single (and beautiful) lady is always a plus, but not on weddings, if you know what I mean. In receptions, there is always a time when everybody is finished eating and there gaze are all on the bride, the groom and they emcee. The time when the bride would throw the bouquet and one “lucky” girl would catch it and would be identified as the next bride. Well in Ate Joanne’s wedding, unfortunately, I was that “lucky” girl. As I understood it, it does not necessarily mean that I would be the next to get married. It simply means that the bride wishes me happiness, in terms of my lovelife. Well, thanks for wishing that, It’s the last thing on my list.

April 17

Today I received a lot of GC’s. Blessing for me I met Freak earlier this day and he gave me chocolates. Im not suppose to write this, well, I just don’t want to forget. And Freak hates it when I document something about us, about what happened to us, im just pissing him off. Haha! Don’t worry Freak, I like you too.

April 19

Started watching big brother. Kinda getting addicted actually. So irritated with Wendy and Maricris, haha! And so love Mickey and oh, only Mickey pala!

April 24

Happy Birthday Hunnybunny! I remember the first time I mentioned Hunnybunny in my blog, “someone” actually thought that he was my boyfriend or something. Well, he is my boy friend, a guy friend, and we’re not romantically involved with each other. We just call each other Hunnybunny, long story, way way back. We ate @ Mongkok Dimsum sa Cyberzone with CG Tsinelas.

April 26 – 1:04AM

.. I think that this is not ok, that this is happening.. this… this.. emotional outburst.. this heavy heart feeling.. this i-cant-stop-but-cry moments.. its been 5 mos. Why can’t I stop thinking about it? Why can’t I move on? Why can’t I be happy? Why am I so pathetic? When will I get out of this?

April 28

We went to Fontana, to have some fun. This is actually my first time to taste summer. I haven’t gone to any beach or any swimming pool, (Ace water spa is an excemption) this summer. I actually got the taste or the feeling of sunlight on my skin, in chlorine contaminated water. Im with majority of the CBC family. Its suppose to be a DVBS Evaluation outing. But since most of the CBC Family all like to join this event, they made it a family outing already. It was great. I get to hang out with the kids or should I say teens. It was a i-don’t-know-what-you-call-it experience. When I was with them, I feel like I am one of then. And then at some point, I snap out of it and then things went back to where it was before. Went home very tired and very sun burned, but happy J

April 29

Today is Ate Hazel’s departure for US. She is to get married to Kuya Joel, in the span of 6mos ( I think) She is a very good frend. I love her. And I hate to actually see her leave. We had so many memories together. We had laughter and tears. She’s Frend and I am Frend. I would miss her hugs. I will miss her. I miss her now.

So much for late post. Thanks for labor day, I actually got time to sit down and think and compose whatever happened to me and whatever bothers me.

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  1. ngayon ko lang nakita!bakit wala ako sa significant events ng buhay mo!hmf



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