Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Highlands Corned Beef's premium breed of talents

Highlands Corned Beef is the newest breed of premium corned beef and what makes it more special are the premium breed of exceptional ambassadors of the product. Get to know the 5 premium breed of talents.

Jake Cuenca, the new breed of actor. He is known for his versatility in playing different roles and shows discipline and passion in his career. 

James Younghusband, the new breed of athlete. An English-Filipino midfielder for the RP National Football team also known as “Azkals”, that is very persistent and motivated in playing his sport and his desire to make the sport bigger in the Philippines.

Paul Soriano, the new breed of filmmaker. His heart in being a perfectionist and his passion in his work, takes him into another level, and sets new standard for himself and aims to reach the unreachable and possible the impossible.

Luke Landrigan, a new breed of entrepreneur. His passion in surfing inspired him to put up his very own surf school in La Union. He works hard to keep his surfing expertise at a high level. 

Angelo Cacciatore, a new breed of dancer. This half Italian dancer is equipped with a competitive background in dancing. He dances to inspire his audience with his performance.

Check out their TVC.

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