Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ARGO Movie Review

There is so much to tell about Argo, it was hours after watching the movie that I could still feel the fast heartbeat that the movie brought. I honestly love everything about the movie, the actors were all great, the set was very realistic, the story is very interesting, and the direction is very brilliant. The story of “ARGO” opens with explosive events in Iran which caused six Americans to hide and wait for their rescue. The movie basically chronicles the life and death secret operation of CIA top exfiltration specialist, Tony Mendez to rescue the six Americans entrapped in Iran.

A plan so incredible, it could only happen in the movies.

I just love this description about the movie. The structure of the movie is a rescue, a true story more complex than drama that takes the viewers beyond action and suspense. The storyline is fantastic too. The fact that, though it’s utterly absurd, it happened and it turned out pretty amazing. The script is a balance of suspense, thriller and humor at the same time. You would really anticipate the next move and the next decision of the actors. The story is so gripping that til the very end you will be surprised that you are already sitting at the edge of your seat. At a certain point, you can’t imagine it will end well because there are too many things saying it won’t. 

I would have to commend Ben Affleck’s trifecta of acting-producing-directing the film all at the same time. His direction did not affect even his acting in the movie, but even demonstrated his strong point of view as a film maker.

One of the must watch out for in the movie is the Arkin-Goodman shenanigans. They played every line with such integrity that the humor feels innate and never strains belief. (coining the phrase "Argo-fuck-yourself") Their humour balance out the dramatic thriller aspect of the movie.

The production design is perfect, from costume to hairstyle and even to the places brilliantly displayed what to see and expect in the year 1979 onwards.  Oh, I know this is a spoiler but you have to watch and finish until the credits because they will let you see and compare the actors from the original photos/ footages of the actual persons. This is what I like about based on a true story kind of movies and ARGO is one of those.  With a very promising director and actors and a great story, I won’t be surprise that ARGO will line up for Oscars.

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