Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What will you do this World AIDS Day?

I say we blow now! blow harder! We need to sound an alarm!

The Philippines is facing an alarming rise in HIV infection. Six new infections are recorded everyday, an exponential leap from the ‘low and slow’ character of the epidemic before 2007. There are also reports of undocumented HIV-related deaths, a manifestation of the invisibility of the epidemic and its impact. Evidence indicates that the increase is driven by the lack of awareness and appreciation of the risks of HIV infection due to unprotected sex, which is aggravated by fear and stigma that surround the virus and the people living with HIV and AIDS. 

 The Red Whistle is a response to this alarming situation. The emerging trend shows that the current prevention programs are insufficient, and the communities affected by the epidemic must be mobilized into action to support initiatives that aim to stop the epidemic.

The Red Whistle has three objectives: 1. raise awareness on the situation to encourage community action; 2. deliver safer sex messages designed to reach communities affected by the epidemic; and 3. help facilitate access or referral to HIV services, including HIV testing, treatment, and support services. 

What can we do? Simple. 

  • we raise awareness of this alarming spread of the situation by simply telling this news to our friends and love ones.
  • be informed by liking the following pages on facebook - The Red Whistle, and Take The Test.
  • support campaigns that help sound the alarm
  • use the hashtag #zeroHIVph and help spread the word
  • wear Red Shirt on December 1 and always wear your red whistle:)
We can help spread the word, we can blow our whistles harder, we can achieve #zeroHIVph! We can do this!


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