Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunflower Bouquet and Peach Rose

Everytime Angel and I would go to Tagaytay he always makes sure that he will buy me a bouquet of peach roses. And during our last Tagaytay getaway, I was surprised that when he bought me a bouquet of peach roses with a big sunflower, he also bought 4 peach roses to my friends who's with us. Soo sweet indeed. 

Bouquet of Peach roses with a big Sunflower to fight zombies, from Angel 
Roses names Eve, Kay, Tara and Ever. 

According to Ehow, the color Peach is a symbol of gratitude and thanks in both personal and business worlds. When given in a personal situation the peach rose represents a request for friendship or a get together outside the work environment. It's just fitting that Angel gave those roses to them, it's a symbol of friendship and a meaningful fellowship together now and for more days to come 


  1. Anonymous5:59 AM

    how i wish my boyfriend is as sweet as angel...

  2. wow!!! akalain mo yon... tumpak ! :-D maraming salamat sa Angel couple. :-D ang sweetness nyo ay umaabot sa friends ninyo, ang tamis! ;-D

  3. Ate, sobrang nainlove si ate eve sa roses niya! Nilagay pa niya sa baso na may water. HAHAHAH

  4. Hi Anonymous, every boyfie has their owen sweetness level :) Who's this pala?

  5. Such sweet words Eve! Oonga sana next time na magsswet sweetan si Angel kasama ko kaya para umabot ulit sa inyo :)

  6. Ayen, sama ka next time para may rose ka din. Haha! Gupitin mo ang stem Eve para tumagal life at palitan tubig 2x a day.



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