Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have been busy with work and it consumes most of my time every weekday.

I have been copy-pasting pr's in my blog coz i honestly don't have time to edit them.

I have been watching movies a lot lately to de-stress myself.

I have been eating a lot, resulting to a voluptous body ;p

I have not been updating my food blog and still have a lot of pending items to post.

I lost track of time sometimes coz I almost always let my mind go blank.

I have not been doing quiet time because I'm too tired and to lazy to wake up soo early in the morning.

I have committed a lot of mistakes.

I have not been totally honest with myself.

I fancy scramble and milk teas.

I have an active and inactive running habit.

I have not finished a book since last year.

I have a crazy head and a unclear year to start with.

Lord, help me.


  1. Step back, stop and take a deep breath. It may feel like things have gone way beyond your control but they're only so if you let them to be. Try to bounce back, baby steps at a time. Next thing you know you're running towards what you really want in life. Who knows it may be someday soon. :)

    Take it easy now, ya hear?

  2. Thanks Cher! I feel like i was lost for a very long time...



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