Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Newport 3D Cinema

This is my second time to watch at the Newport Cinem in Resorts World. The first time was during the special screening of SALT. 

This time, I was with my cousin Enzo to watch Despicable Me. We tried out the 3D Cinema in Newport.

  Other pics are here.


Dolby digital glasses and state of the art cinema projector can be found at Cinema 3D.  

The state of the art theaters are equipped with the latest Dolby Digital Audio technology. 

The cinemas have unobstructed stadium seat viewing with rocker seats by Ferco of Italy with comfortable arm rests.

Newport Ultra Cinemas are equipped with fully reclining seats with extended leg rests made of premium fabric and high grade cushion for supreme comfort. The 80 seats are laid-out by pair enclosed by a private viewing pod for utmost privacy. Unlimited drinks and popcorn delivered by personal butlers at your request through a call button allocated per pod for personalized service.


Newport Cinemas are located at the 4th Level of Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila. For inquiries and ticket reservation, please call 908-8811 or 0917-8380111. Movie schedules are posted daily at www.facebook.com/newportcity





  1. I love their cinema. Parang chessboard! heheh :D

  2. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I love :) I want to try ... Iplano na yan!




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