Sunday, August 22, 2010


It's the start of the week and as much as I wanted to start it right, there are just some things that is beyond my control that's sooo wrong. Whoever invented the word LATE should be condemn. Haay, eventhough I leave the house 1 hr and 30mins early I still end up late :( Commuting is one of the things that I really endure everyday! A couple of days ago, I was even close to being robbed! My mood in the morning would continue im sure until the end of the day. Please give me something to make me smile :( Hugs please! Need lots of them.. :(


  1. All we can do is a virtual hug (or tap on the back) and a hopeful thinking that everything will eventually be alright. At the end of the day, no real harm was done onto you and managed to escape that unfortunate event, that is enough encouragement that God hasn't forgotten about you and that he is still watches over you. If that is not the best assurance that everything will be alright, then nothing will.

  2. browse thru tumblr :D there are many inspiring pics there! :D

  3. or eat yogurt or anything that will make you feel happy..:D



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