Monday, August 30, 2010

Chinese Angel's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

It was hard choosing only ten. hence the late post :) Please check my Top 10 Influential Blogs :)

1. http://facebuko.com/ - After I met Jonas in one of EK event, I checked his blog and found myself checking it out more often because of the funny conversation of random people. This blog helped lighten things out :)

2. http://fatgirlnomore.com/ - Ria is one close blogger friend, I honestly like her for the way she is and now that she saying bye bye to obesity one day at a time, I'm all out support :)

3. http://foodiemanila.com/ - Carlos proved that good shots are not really with the cam, it's with the person and how the shots were taken. :)

4. http://www.mommylace.com/ - The joys of motherhood as being told by Mommy Lace is informative and at the same time encouraging :)

5. http://recyclebinofamiddlechild.blogspot.com/ - This recycle bin holds not only the events this middle child is attending but also how he sees life! :)

6. http://www.gadgetsandtech.net/ - though tipicPC and tipidCP is helpful, this blog is much than of any help to those techie and even not techie persons like me :)

7. http://nomnomclub.com/ - as a member of nomnom club, i am all out support for this very delicious munch club :)

8. http://jay-elx.blogspot.com/ - helps you keep up to date with what's new and hot in the movie world! Get to know what movie to watch! :)

9. http://survivingautism.net/ - there are blogs that inform you and open your eyes to something that what is important in life, this is one of them. ;)

10. http://www.wheninmanila.com/ - good news or bad news is still news! everything you want to know when in manila, you can see here! :)

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  1. Thanks for nominating my blog! Group hug! :-)

  2. Thanks for nominating NomNom Club Cathy!

  3. Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D

  4. thank you sis :-)

  5. Whew, it has been a few weeks since the awarding, Ngyn lng ako nagbrowse para maka-thank you sa ibang nag-vote.

    Thank you very much!

    Please do join my pizza thanksgiving party for you guys who supported NomNomClub.com. :)
    Oct 8, 2010 - 7pm - Angel's Pizza near Makati Ave. cor Jupiter st. in Makati. Leave me a message at http://www.facebook.com/NomNomClub OR http://www.facebook.com/joneluy to confirm your attendance



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