Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Street Dance 3D Movie Review

My first time to watch a UK dance film and it's not that bad because it's in 3D!

I Like. The lead's pretty face and even the body, haha! The dance moves, they were awesome, I'm such a frustrated dancer. The way it's presented in 3D, its just like watching Harry Potter but in a modern setting. I like the idea of combining street dance and ballet dance and how it became a Breaking Point in dancing.

I don't like. The accent, there were some instances that I can't understand what Carly (lead actress) is saying. The Story is too simple, there's always a competition and I didn't feel there was really a defending champion because they just showed up in the end. The acting is good but i feel they could have expressed their character more, instead they focused on their dance and their moves.

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  1. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Oh no! Ibig sabihin ba sa IMAX papanoorin? P400 ang ticket? :(



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