Sunday, July 04, 2010

Axe Twist

Axe recently launched the new Axe Twist, the latest fragrance creation that promises to make men interesting and start making them a bit more unpredictable - just what women want. A scent innovation in itself, AXE Twist set its own standard in the realm of scent and attraction. It is the first fragrance specifically designed to transform over time.

"It bares a scent of fresh citrus and gradually changes to the smell of sandalwood," explains Alexandre Freile, French Perfumer and AXE Twist Collaborator. With its long lasting effect, women are sure to experience the most delightful, dual and sensual surprise this body spray possesses.

But that's not only what makes AXE unique.

AXE body spray is actually a functional fragrance - it keeps the sweat from smelling that's why you're sure to swoon the girls with your smell for the rest of the day. With AXE Twist as the hottest variant off the AXE Lab, you're assured of two things too: getting the girl and keeping her.

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