Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cold Friday Morning

“please don’t give up on me now..”

That’s what I’ve been whispering to NIPS, awhile back when we where both struggling to walk the valley of death.

I have been thru hell this morning, only it was not hot and fury but instead it was wet and cold. A modern version, I suppose. Im on a 6am-pm shift and so I leave the house at around 5am. Last night, what urged me to sleep is the scary sound of wind and rain.. and so last night I prayed that it won’t be like that this morning so hindi ako mahihirapan pumasok. But it was, unfortunately, not what happened.

It was quite surprising. I left the house exactly 5am, without anybody knowing it. It was just drizzling when I went out but the wind is roaring already, a signal that I should hurry on walking. It was still so dark and there was no sign of life. That made me pretty scared. Usually, I don’t want to see the dogs around the neighborhood because im afraid they might chase me and bite, but awhile ago, I wanted all the dogs out and accompany me walking til I reach the street where im suppose to take the jeep.

I was halfway through the street, when.. suddenly, a gush of wind blew NIPS, my pink umbrella, and then the heavy Isang poured out. Luckily, I borrowed mom’s jacket coz its much bigger and jacket is here in the office, it kept me a little warm. When I reached the end of the street, a jeep was there already waiting for me. There is only one tiny slot and luckily I fitted in. “I cant believe people are this early, where are they all going?”. I said to myself. “probably where im heading to..” answered my other self.

The jeepney ride was comfy, maybe because I cant move much and that made me comfy. After the jeenpney ride was the “walk thru the valley of death”. It was raining, so hard that ALL umbrellas are reverting and failing their masters. Other would even have to look for a shade and have their umbrellas rest for the wind has its mind set that it would blew all that blocks its way. It was a good 7mins battle with the wind and im so proud that NIPS did a pretty good fight.

We lost the fight.

The streets are flooded and Chucks, my shoes, bravely protected my feet in every way he can. My pants failed me though, and as I walked up the LRT staircase, my legs felt numb already with coldness and chilliness.. but I couldn’t care less.

Right now, im sipping hot choco, perfectly soothing for what I am feeling right now. I just have to blog this out or else myself and other self would argue every now and then. Haha!

Thanks Kat for the pants, good thing I was able to text you agad. I will return it on Monday. mwah!

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